Ghionna vs Mandinek: European Title

September 29th, 2023

On the 15th of October, it's going down in Rome as the famed Colonnese Promotion returns with another stacked card of international pugilists for an evening of muaythai. Sanctioned by the WMC and Federkombat, the event has a full undercard with one European title on the line as part of the main event. Defending his European title in the 61Kg category is Lukas Mandinec who won the belt in spectacular fashion ...

Singdomthong: The New Featherweight World Champion

September 28th, 2023

Singdomthong Nokjeanladkrabang became the new WMC featherweight world champion on Saturday with a stunning victory over Israeli pugilist Ruach Gordon. The fight was a co-promotion between the WMC, Suek Jao MuayThai, and Silapathai Promotions which saw the duo battle it out with 2 belts on the line, namely the Omnoi title and the WMC world title belt. This was also a defence fight for Ruach's Omnoi title and was a great ...

Monika Successfully Defends her World Title

September 27th, 2023

PML 7 took place this Saturday the 23rd of September in the vibrant city of Trencin with an all-star line up of local talent and international challengers. The event which was sanctioned by the WMC and IFMA was a co-promotion with RWS entitled Road to Rajadamenen where new talent could be scouted to potentially fight at the famed stadium. The Executive Director of RWS, Bank Thainchai Pisitwuttian was in attendance ...

Body Shock this Weekend

September 22nd, 2023

This Saturday in the beautiful city of Giessen will see a muaythai gala sanctioned by MTBD, the IFMA National Federation of Germany, and the WMC. The event kicks off at 1 PM and will feature some of Germany's best up-and-coming athletes alongside elite national champions. The main event of the evening will be between Frederic Jodl from Treverer Gym who will face Joscha Weber from Bodyshock Giessen Gym in a much-anticipated ...

2 World Titles this Weekend

September 21st, 2023

The WMC is getting ready for a big weekend ahead as two world title bouts will take place around the globe. The first will be in the motherland of muaythai, Thailand at the esteemed Om Noi Stadium which will be in the featherweight division for the vacant WMC world title. Vying for world glory will be two competitors of the finest calibre as Israel's muaythai prodigy and IFMA gold medalist ...

Nak Muay – 8 Limbs – Interstate Title

September 20th, 2023

The 14th of October in the town of Lampertheim will welcome a day of elite muaythai as Nak Muay - 8 Limbs will take place in the Hans-Pfeiffer Hall. The event, which is sanctioned by the WMC and IFMA in cooperation with MTBD, the IFMA Federation of Germany, will feature some of Germany's finest athletes as they battle it out for local bragging rights. The event begins at 2 PM with ...

Sing Noi Promotions

September 14th, 2023

Sing Noi Promotions took place on Saturday in the city of Bolanzo, Italy with a fantastic turnout and some amazing muaythai bouts. The event entitled 'Fight Day" which was sanctioned by the WMC and IFMA featured some of Italy's finest up-and-coming prospects as they went head-to-head to establish local bragging rights. The event featured both female and male fights ranging from the elite level to c-class bouts to help establish the ...

Freedom 17 this Friday

September 13th, 2023

We are right back to business as we travel for a historical event in Florida this Friday. @freedomfighterpromotions will be promoting a show filled with a huge undercard showcasing the top talent in Florida and a major main card with a title eliminator fight for the #1 ranking in the super welterweight division, and 3 huge world title fights. .If you’d like to purchase tickets you can use the link in ...

Singdomthong vs Gordon: World Title Bout

September 8th, 2023

We are proud to present the next WMC world title which will be held in the prestigious Omnoi Stadium in Bangkok on Saturday, September the 23rd. Competing for the title in the featherweight division will be Ruach Gordon from Israel and Singdomthong representing Thailand. The fight is a collaboration between Suek Jao MuayThai and Silapathai Promotions under the sanctioning of the WMC and IFMA. The fight will also be Ruach's Omnoi ...

Mandinec vs Birics: PML 7

September 7th, 2023

Get ready for the 23rd of September in Trencin as Mandinec vs Birics has now been added to the PML 7 card. Originally, the Polish champion Gradzk was supposed to face the native Mandinec in Trenčín, but he suffered an injury in training. However, the compensation for him is more than adequate!👊🏼 Birics met Manďo in the ring 7 years ago. At that time, the Hungarian fighter left as the winner, ...

Prabsuek Becomes the New WMC MAD Champion

September 6th, 2023

This weekend saw Domination 28 take place in Perth Australia and what an event it was with some great fights as always. The event which was sanctioned by the WMC featured a full card of international fighters with one WMC MAD title on the line. Locking horns for the MAD title in the super lightweight division was Prabsuek from Kao Sok Muay Thai representing Thailand and the Pit's own Leo Nguyen ...

Sing Noi Muaythai Presents Fight Day

September 1st, 2023

Saturday, September the 9th, the city of Bolzano, Italy will welcome a day of muaythai action as Sing Noi Promotions presents Fight Day. The event which is sanctioned by the WMC and IFMA features some of Italy's finest up-and-coming prospects as well as Thai/Italian cultural exchange. IFMA Executive Board Member and WMC Representative of Italy, Davide Carlote stated that muaythai in Italy continues to flourish as we have many more events ...

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