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WMC Pioneers Working Overtime for National Labour Day

April 27th, 2016

On Saturday 30th April the Tourism Association of Thailand in cooperation with the Tourism Association of Koh Samui will be hosting a special muaythai gala in honour and celebration of labour day. Thailand’s prestigious muaythai event ‘Thai fight’ will be the biggest muaythai show to be held on the island to date and is getting both locals and tourists excited. Featuring on the show will be an array of WMC’s finest Muay Thai warriors including 3 times ...

WMC Songkran Show

April 14th, 2016

As every year in the spirit of Muaythai and our ancient traditions, the World Muaythai council organised a Songkran show in respect to our mothers, wives and sisters to respect unity equality and universality. This year's Songkran show will have 12 fights with 2 world championships and other Songkran special awards. The event is televised all over Asia and will showcase again how far the UN women project has developed. Good luck to all athletes participating ...

Intercontinental WMC Title on Stake in Zilina

April 11th, 2016

On the 23rd of April an exciting match will take place in Slovak city, Zilina for the WMC Intercontinental 76.2kg Title. Vladimír Moravcík, will appear before his audience to fight against Thai star Kemovi Bernenungovi. The match will be a culmination of the Enfusion 39 gala with the WMC belt becoming a decoration for the strongest. Five years ago both athletes met in the ring with Slovak winning on points. This year will be a chance ...

WMC Summer Thai 3 in Lima

April 7th, 2016

After a world class event held last year Peruvian Muaythai Federation sets up another WMC title matches in the Peru capital, Lima. The Coliseo Mauro Hall will offer the spectators an outstanding muaythai show in a spirit of a true competition between athletes whose life is muaythai. The organisers have warmed up the martial arts audience making a great promotion of the event and the capital is looking forward to hear Chock command and experience the ...

Rumble in the Club

April 4th, 2016

A new concept is coming to RCA in Bangkok on the 3rd of April where 6 of Bangkok’s hottest D.J’s will do battle in the muaythai ring, in a charity event, that will also be accompanied by two Professional full muaythai rules match-ups. The event is a brainchild of D.J and former Professional Muaythai fighter Zidov Akuma and is officially sponsored by the World Muaythai Council. The D.J’s each have a month to prepare and build ...

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