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Jimmy Vienot: The Pride of France

December 22nd, 2021

Jimmy Vienot has secured his legendary status in the art and sport of muaythai, winning his fourth world title across two different weight divisions. Jimmy won gold in 2019 at the IFMA World Championships in the 75kG division and went on to win gold this year in the 71KG division. He has also won the WMC world title in the 72.5kg division twice and also the 69KG division. Jimmy is also a Lumpinee Stadium champion and ...

Rio De Janeiro & CBMTT wins Best Host City and Event for 2021

December 22nd, 2021

Rio De Janeiro, host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games was the host of the 2021 South American Championships. The event was held at the historic Barra Olympic Park Velodrome, with muaythai action taking place in an astounding 6 rings of competition.  The IFMA Executive Committee voted this event as the most outstanding and best organised event in 2021.

Honouring IFMA’s Founding Members at the 2021 Awards Gala

December 21st, 2021

Each year, the IFMA Executive Committee acknowledges the most outstanding individuals who have contributed extensively in their life’s work to the IFMA & Muaythai. This year’s Lifetime Achievement awards have been presented to two very special individuals who have shaped IFMA for more than 2 decades and have played an important part in IFMA’s development and IOC recognition process. The first Lifetime Achievement award went to Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan the honorary President of IFMA who has served ...

Top Level Fighters: When in Rome

December 20th, 2021

Mark the date in your calendar as January the 30th in Rome, Italy spectators will be treated to an evening of elite muaythai of the highest calibre. The event which is sanctioned by the WMC boasts an international fight card comprised of fighters from Greece, Spain and of course Italy. The headline fight will see Italy vs Spain for the prestigious WMC European title set at 52,15 KG which will see Italy's own Alessio Ancinelli take ...

WMC Champions Booking Their Tickets to the World Games

December 17th, 2021

IFMA is the sole governing body for all muaythai with the WMC overseeing the professional rule sets. This has been the success story for many years and if you look at the former World Games and World Combat Games champions you can see the likes of Buakaw, Yodsaenklai, Superbon, Shevchenko, Vakhitov, Levin, Kulebin and the list is endless. This tradition continues as superstars such as Jimmy Vienot, Capitan Petchyindee, Kulebin, Liubchenko, Iman Barlow and Sveva Melillo ...

The Future is Safe

December 14th, 2021

The IFMA Youth World Championships 2021 outlined that the IFMA youth development work and IFMA's universality policy has paid off. The youth from 10 to 17 came together for the first championships in 16 months as during the pandemic out of safety the physical championships were stopped and changed to virtual. IFMA has used this time to continue their teaching programmes online to develop their techniques which clearly has shown success. Six days with over 100 bouts ...

Olympic Movement Meets at IFMA Finals

December 13th, 2021

The IFMA finals saw a lot of support from the Olympic family.Thailand's IOC member Khun Pattana lead the delegation for the Thai National Olympic Committee and also as an IOC member.  The Thai Sports Ministry, Sports Authority and many other representatives of the National Olympic Committees came to support the athletes of the world. There were many people from embassies such as Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, and so many more who came to support their finalists. Thailand's muaythai ambassador, Buakaw was there ...

The IFMA Championships Come to a Halt

December 12th, 2021

After 8 Days and over 700 bouts, the IFMA World Championships have rung the final bell for 2021. The National Stadium in Bangkok was the venue where the world watched the best of the best coming to the IFMA World Championships and booking their place in the World Games 2022 in Birmingham. Many of these final matches would be a promoter's dream and would fill up any stadium around the world. There were so many outstanding matches in the ...


December 11th, 2021

IFMA World conference 2021 was held in Bangkok as a hybrid event. There were many important points on the agenda including IFMA’s restructuring in the leadership. Important signings took place. One of them being the European Championships which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. The MoU was signed by the IFMA President Dr. Tapsuwan, Turkish Muaythai President Hasan Yildiz, witnessed by Her Excellency the Turkish Ambassador and IFMA Director General Charissa Tynan. The IFMA Senior World ...

The Muaythai World Celebrates Charissa Tynan Elected Director-General

December 9th, 2021

The IFMA World Executive Board Meeting met in Bangkok during the IFMA World Championships to discuss important IFMA matters after IOC recognition. One of the important decisions made was the official handover of the IFMA leadership. IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox who is also the Vice President of GAISF and AIMS and United Through Sports President has been an instrumental figure in IFMA but has already taken a more inactive role in IFMA over the last ...

IFMA World Championships Sets New Record

December 8th, 2021

The Nimibutr Thai National Stadium was the battlefield for round 2 at the IFMA Youth and Senior championships 2021. A record of 150 fights took place in 3 rings for 11 hours straight. All 3 rings were telecasted live. The day very much showcased the universality of muaythai in which the established muaythai countries of the home country Thailand, Russia, Belarus, France, Ukraine, Sweden and the list goes on… had some great wins but also some surprising ...

The Nak Muay Field of Play is Officially Open at Nimibutr Stadium

December 7th, 2021

The long-awaited IFMA 2021 World Championships in Bangkok commenced today and began with the One Standard Muaythai Cultural Workshop lead by Cultural Commission Chair Ajahn Chao alongside Kru Id with special guest and multiple world champion and muaythai superstar Buakaw. The afternoon began at Nimibutr Stadium with a whopping 134 bouts. Bangkok witnessed the true spirit of muaythai with not only top performances from former seasoned senior IFMA world champions such as Dzimitry ...

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