The event was held in Perth Western Australia in front of a sell out crowd on March 15th.




The main event was a WMC Challenge held between top Thai contender and female superstar Chommanee Taehiran and Caley Reece, one of the top female fighters in the world, former IFMA World Champion, Silver medal winner World Combat Games and WMC World Champion. The first round saw a battle of tactics, as Caley looked to close the gap while Chommanee kept her distance, successfully evading Caley’s kicks and countering with some hard body kicks. This ensured the first round going in favour of Chommanee. Second round saw Chommanee jump forward and land several kicks, forcing Caley to change tactic and look for the grapple in round 3, 4 and 5. This allowed Caley to land some solid knees, in the end outworking Chommanee. The result ended in Caley winning a fantastic promotion for female Muaythai. Both athletes showed outstanding sportsmanship.

Kim Olsen took on the heavily experienced Diesellek from Thailand. This was another tactical battle that saw Kim constantly pushing the pace but Diesellek showing his mastery with dumping Kim every time Kim threw a knee. Kim continued to push the pace, constantly walking forward using long hands and kicks but Diesellek had the smarts, looking dangerous with his trademark head kick and grapple and coming away with the win.

Marco Tentori fought a very fit and aggressive Kosta Masmanidis who pushed the pace from early in the fight. However Marco’s experience together with his unorthodox style saw him the victor.

Jamie Lunghitano and Brendan Harris were pitted against each other in a rematch, with Jamie aiming to even the score. This fight, declared fight of the night by everyone, had both boys receive 8 counts early on. Both fighters finished hard, but Jamie confirmed the win after giving Harris another 8 count towards the end of the fight.

Kristan Armstrong brought her WMC Australian Title to Perth to defend against Kim Townsend. After a solid performance of skill and technique by both girls, Kim Townsend used her kicks and clinch work to come away the winner. This was yet another fantastic female fight with a rematch already in discussion.

In other bouts of the evening; Beau St Quentin wins over Yodsanchai Sitmonchai, Dyllan Olsen wins over Joe Ormsby, Marc Albonetti wins over Alex Job, Blade Augey wins over Lloyd Dean, Brendan Duroiselle wins over Andy McNamara, Steph Glew wins over Claire Baxter, Kyle Bilson wins over Barrie Oliver, Ben Worsfold wins over Yann Troubat, Tyler Hardcastle wins over Garth Capper, Glenn Sanders wins over Mark Roberts, Brodee Albonetti wins over Kaylee Doyle, Jake Kingwell wins over Josh Petkovski.

Congratulations go out to the promoter and Australian Muaythai. The sold out crowd along with the world class fights ensures that Australia stands as one of the top countries in the Muaythai world.

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