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Mark Castagnini needs no introduction in the world of combat sports and muaythai and has been involved in martial arts all of his life. A former Australian champion, he has contributed to the development of martial arts and muaythai in Australia enormously.

Mark is not only a martial artist, he has been promoting martial arts and muaythai through magazines, television and podcasts as well as being one of the most well recognised voices in muaythai as a commentator. He has supported not only his own students from the famous Hammer Gym but also from all over Australia.

Mark the Hammer also has a very close connection with the motherland of muaythai and has been a part of the World Muaythai Council and IFMA since day one. He has met the leaders of the sport from the late General Worayut to General Chetta and Doctor Sakchye and has a close friendship with the IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox. He has traveled numerous times to the kingdom and has welcomed athletes and coaches from Thailand in his own gym in Melbourne.

Mark stated that the pandemic has affected all of our lives and martial arts are no exception. We have all found ourselves in lockdown with gyms closed, promotions cancelled and many fighting on the brink of existence to make ends meet for their loved ones and themselves. 

Mark understands that some countries have more support than others and we have seen many of his close friends in Thailand with no income due to gyms closing down with coaches and athletes not being able to feed their families.

This is why Hammer’s promotion Warrior’s Way put together an event to try to raise funds to help the ones in need. The event which showcases the best in Australian and New Zealand talent was held at Hammer’s Gym. Hammer stated that the outcome went beyond expectation and 28,000 Australia dollars have been raised which now will be distributed to Thai people in need.

Now more than ever we must stand together in solidarity and unity, that is the spirit of muaythai, helping each other get back on our feet and being one world wide family.

The Thailand muaythai community says thank you to Mark Castigini, Warrior’s Way Promotions and the very generous sponsors and supporters. A big story will follow on the smiling faces.

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