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The world of Muaythai Council is the authoritative world body of Muaythai. Its overriding objective is to maintain and promote excellence in the art of Muaythai – as a cultural art form, self-defence, fitness, competition or simply as a way of life. Muaythai has many disciplines such as Muay boran as self-defence or the Krabi Krabong which is the weapon used in Muaythai.

The traditional roots of Muaythai date back to over a thousand years to a time when the people of Siam used a superior fighting art to forge an independent country that evolved into modern day Thailand, the land of the free.

The fostering of preservation of culture, values and traditions in the form of Muaythai is the primary form of the World Muaythai Council.

Muaythai has undergone a surge of interest in recent years, following the widespread appeal of martial arts, which have been incorporated into blockbuster movies and adventure television programmes projecting action and human combat.  Reality shows such as the Contender Asia or the Emmy nominated show, the Challenger Muaythai, has shown all sides of Muaythai and the journey of athletes from around the globe and showcasing the sacrifices, the hopes and dreams to become the ultimate Muaythai champion.

The WMC – incorporated by the Royal Thai Government and sanctioned by the Sports Authority of Thailand – has been charged with the responsibility for the expansion of Muaythai worldwide and also to support young people and athletes in all countries, to learn the skills of Muaythai and to assist in the pursuit of excellence in the traditional Thai fighting art.

Together with the aims of promoting the traditions and culture of Muaythai, the WMC has the Government’s directive to regulate all professional Muaythai competition throughout the world, in accordance with its Government-approved Articles of Association.

While the Council considers, as one of its priorities, the development of Muaythai as a popular international sport, safety-first is regarded as an important prerequisite for all Muaythai competition.

Under the rules of Muaythai, the council not only enforces equality in competition but – as the world governing body of Muaythai – it will be the sole body to sanction championship contests.

The formation of the WMC is the most important step since the 1930’s, when today’s rules of Muaythai were codified, five-round contest were introduced and arms and hands formerly bound with rope, were replaced by the wearing of Queensbury rules boxing gloves.

Along with the introduction of gloves came weight classes – also based on the international boxing divisions. Muaythai has evolved into a premier ring sport – a fighting art with no equal in terms of unarmed combat skills and spectator appeal.

The overwhelming responsibility of the WMC is to bring all international Muaythai organisations under one regulatory council, in order to further promote the Thai fighting art on the world stage and into the second millennium.

The WMC works closely and is in full support with the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, the world body for amateur Muaythai which is recognized by the Olympic Committee of Asia and SportAccord. IFMA ensures that amateur Muaythai finds its rightful place in the world sporting community and also allows the athletes to make a healthy transition from amateur to professional all the while being protected against all possible negative influences when it comes to making career choices. The WMC is also in full support of the IFMA Code of Ethics, its entourage and it’s Athletes’ Career Program.

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