11. Chairman of the Ring Officials

11.1. Chairmen Duties:

11.1.1. To assign referees and judges for duties within the competition program.

11.1.2. To monitor the performance of referees and judges as stated by the rules and regulations. In case any referee or judge performs his duty incorrectly or ineffectively, the Chairman of the ring officials shall report his assessment to the stadium manager, or Secretary General of WMC (for International Championship).

11.1.3. To solve competition problems and report incidents to the stadium manager.

11.1.4. To advice referees and judges on any decision-making matter.

11.1.5. To monitor all score cards for the correct score sum, boxers’ names, identification of the winner and the judges’ signatures.

11.1.6. To notify the ring announcer about the fight result to be pronounced to the public.

11.1.7. To notify the stadium manager and report to the WMC Executive Board for punishment considerations in case the boxer intentionally and severely violates any rule, which is contradictory with ethics and sportsmanship.

11.1.8. In case there is an unusual incident from which the referee and judges are unable to continue to work, Chairman of the ring officials shall act immediately, by all means, to continue the contest.

11.2. Chairmen Powers:

11.2.1. Chairman of the ring officials may overrule the referee and judges by reversing the decision of the referee and judges only for the following cases:

  • if the referee’s decision is contradictory with the rules & regulations
  • if the judges have incorrectly added up scores, resulting in a different decision from factual evidence.

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