13. Decisions

13.1. Winning on Points:

  • At the end of the bout, the boxer with the judges’ majority decision wins the contest.

13.2. Winning by Knockout (KO):

  • In case a boxer is knocked down and cannot continue the fight within ten (10) seconds, his opponent wins by knockout.

13.3. Winning by Technical Knockout (TKO):

  • In case a boxer outclasses his opponent very clearly or one-sidedly outpoints his opponent.
  • In case the opponent cannot continue the contest immediately after the resting interval of a round.
  • In case the opponent is seriously injured and cannot continue the contest.
  • In case the opponent has been counted for more than two (2) times (i.e. 3 times) in one round, or more than four (4) times (i.e. 5 times) in the entire fighting contest.
  • In case the opponent has fallen out of the ring and cannot get back into the ring after the referee has counted “ยี่สิบ” (YISIP) or twenty (20).
  • In case his opponent spontaneously withdraws form the contest due to injury or other causes.

13.4. Winning by Disqualification:

  • In case his opponent severely violates the rules and the referee disqualifies him, whether or not there has been any previous warning or cautioning.

13.5. Winning by Walkover:

  • In case a boxer’s opponent does not pass the ring doctor’s physical examination, cannot make weigh-in, or does not show up to compete as scheduled.

13.6. A Draw Decision:

  • The majority decision is even as a draw.
  • In case both boxers are knocked down and they have been counted out of ten (10).
  • In case both boxers have fallen out of the ring and they have been counted out of twenty (20).
  • In case both boxers are so seriously injured that they cannot continue the contest.

13.7. No Decision:

  • In case the referee considers that either boxer is not in earnest and he declares that “there is no decision for this bout as the red corner / blue corner / or both boxers fight dishonourably”.

13.8. No Contest:

  • In case the boxers have been warned and cautioned by the referee and persist on fighting.

13.9. Cancellation of Contest:

  • In case of ring damage, a riot from spectators, or an unexpected situation causing it impossible to continue the contest.

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