7. Paying Homage (Wai Kru) and Rounds

7.1. Before the bout every boxer must pay homage in accordance with the art and customs of muaythai, accompanied by musical instruments of Javanese oboe: a Javanese tom-tom (drum), and a pair of small cup-shaped cymbals for rhythm. The bout will start after paying homage.

7.2. Boxers shall shake hands before the beginning of the first round and before the beginning of the final round, symbolising that they will compete in the spirit of sportsmanship and in accordance with the official rules and regulations.

7.3. A bout consists of five (5) rounds of three (3) minutes each with two (2) minutes resting interval between rounds. The time shall be stopped in case of interruptions for cautioning, warning, correction of the boxers’ attire, or other similar causes, and shall be excluded from the competing time of that round.

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