Spain Pays Respect to Nai Kanom Tom

March 18th will see a Nai Kanom Tom Tribute gala in Catalan Spain.

The event is aimed at giving a chance to both amateurs and professionals in to pay homage to one of the most revered historical muaythai figures.


Nai Khanom Tom, a warrior from Thailand’s ancient capital, was captured after the Burmese sacked the city in 1767. His fighting style intrigued the Burmese king, who demanded a tournament pitting his own country’s combatants against the Thai warriors.

According to legend, Nai Khanom Tom dazzled his first opponent with a pre-fight ritual called Ram Muay, a ceremonial dance honoring his teachers and mentors. Then he proceeded to pummel him, scoring a quick knockout. But the Burmese fighter cried BS, claiming Nai Khanom Thom’s pre-fight dance distracted him.

The Burmese king knew how to settle this dispute: If Nai Khanom Thom could defeat nine more consecutive opponents, he would then prove the superiority of his fighting style, earning his freedom as a bonus. Nai Khanom Tom took on fighter after fighter, dishing out abuse, until finally none stood in his way. He earned his freedom – a feat celebrated every March 17 as “National Nai Kanom Tom Day” in Thailand and around the world by muaythai practitioners.


Some great muaythai bouts on the fight cards:

1. Moushine the Ameri (International canovelles) vs. Julian Arias (meguro surplices) 3×2 67 kg

2. Raul Martinez (International canovelles) vs. Javier Ruiz (national fitness lleida) 3×2 72 kg

3. Eric Garcia (pure impact bcn) vs. Khyzer hayat (tbc Malgrat de mar) 60 kg 3×2

4. Ivan Rodriguez (International canovelles) vs. Jordi Gonzalez (Girona) 4×2 66 kg

5. Cristian Molero (International canovelles) vs. Salva (pure impact bcn) 4×2 MT 63.5 kg

6. Javier Maiz (meguro surplices) vs. Saidou Diaby (team chacon mataro) 3×3 71 kg

7. Lluis Lloret (international gym canovelles) vs. Pellizzon Damiano (Italy) 72 kg 3×3

8. Ismael Pilgrim (oswald girona gym) vs Menaouine Hichem (daithon l’Hospitalet) 3×3 71 kg

9. Sofian Kattoussi (international gym canovelles) vs Simone Ballerini (Italy) 75 kg 3×3

10. Andres “baby seal” Martinez (daithon l’Hospitalet) vs. John Jairo Batista (tbc Malgrat de mar) 60 kg 3×3

11. Ali Ameri (International canovelles) vs. Abdel Delazy (gym delta ebre fame) 3×3 81 kg
12. David Calvo “bloke” (daithon l’Hospitalet) Fonda vs. Luca (Italy) 69 kg 3×3


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