Muaythai Day 2016

Every year, the Royal Thai Government, WMC, IFMA and the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand joins forces with 130 member countries to celebrate the day of muaythai. The day is intended to honour King Somdej Phra Sanpher the 8th, better known as Phra Chao Sua, or the Tiger King. He is renowned in Thailand for his expertise in Thai martial art skills. Phra Chao Sua rose to the throne on February 6th, 1702.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sport, the Sport Authority of Thailand will host this glorious event again in cooperation with the WMC ,IFMA and AMTAT

A press conference was held at the Sport Authority of Thailand in conjunction with the Governor of the Sport Authority, Mr. Sakon Wannapong, the President of WMC, General Chetta Thanajaro, President of IFMA, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, and many others to announce the festivities.


General Chetta Thanajaro, President of the WMC, which is under directive of the Royal Thai Government and under patronage of His Majesty the King stated that muaythai is a cultural art form and a world recognised sport, and for millions of people a way of life.


Muaythai day is not only to show respect to the teachers, but respect to everyone who is involved in the muaythai family and is a reminder to celebrate the five pillars we stand on Honour, Respect, Tradition, Fair Play and Excellence.


Dr. Sakchye stated that muaythai has truly become a world recognised sport, proudly included in many multisport games under the Olympic banner such as the World Games, official world championship programme in FISU and events recognised by the Olympic Council of Asia. Important traditions like wai kru and mongkol, which are 1000 years old, are part of these modern games. The world loves muaythai for the simple reason that it includes old traditions mixed with today’s world of excellence and fair play.


We must also continue to build the youth so that they can take muaythai to future. Mr Sakon Wannapong said that Thailand can truly be proud of muaythai, its achievements, and its recognition. SAT is honoured to be the host of this year’s official government celebration with the conference and the competition on the same day.

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