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The Challenger Battleground on Prime Time

June 2nd, 2023

The Challenger Battleground series follows the journey of some inspiring athletes from all 5 continents showcasing their dreams, resilience, sacrifices and the reality of the athletes living their dreams. Challenger is the only martial art series to have been nominated for an international Emmy and this time they are out to do it again. Challenger has full gender equality on all levels, equal numbers, equal pay and equal airtime and for the next 13 weeks, HBO ...

WMC Superfight Rankings in Greece

June 2nd, 2023

WMC Pro Rankings Night will take place on Saturday, June 3rd at 18:30 at Sportcamp Loutraki. The athletes continue to "climb" the Greek Rankings, gathering points from participation and victories in the WMC Pro Ranking Series, with the aim of conquering the Greek Title and the WMC (World Muaythai Council) zone, which will be awarded at the Official WMC Event of the year, in December 2023. The WMC Pro Rankings at the Muaythai Open Training Camp 2023, ...

Muaythai is Ready for the 2025 World Games!

June 1st, 2023

The World Games General Assembly took place in Madrid with all World Games members coming together with one of the important agenda points in mind; the sport program for The World Games 2025. Muaythai made their debut in 2017 in Poland. In 2022, muaythai was one of the most outstanding sports in Birmingham, Alabama and muaythai was praised for their universality with medals spread over all 5 continents. Muaythai athletes are some of the most popular in the ...

IFMA and Rajadamnern Stadium Renew MoU

June 1st, 2023

Rajadamnern Stadium, Thailand’s oldest and most established stadium, renewed their MoU with IFMA. This MoU is an important step towards opportunity towards the IFMA athletes of the world as the RWS World Series is already dominated by IFMA World Champions from around the world such as: Daniel Rodriguez, Thananchai Sitsongpeenong, Capitan Petchyindee, Yodwicha Por Boonsit, Sajad Venum Muaythai, Reza Venum Muaythai, Sevgi Dogan, Zehra Dogan and many more. Full gender equality is also an important article within ...

Amine Ballafrikh Becomes the Intercontinental Champion

May 30th, 2023

Saturday was an action-packed night in New York as Freedom Fighter Promotions returned for their 13th edition this time in the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center in Queens. The event was a great success with fans traveling across the country to get a glimpse of the muaythai action. Topping the bill was Amine Ballafrikh representing Morocco as he went head to head with Juan David Rios from Colombia for the WMC Intercontinental title. The bout was fought ...

Muaythai is Getting Ready for the World Combat Games

May 29th, 2023

Over 3000 people participated in the IFMA World Press Conference for the World Combat Games 2023. The event was telecasted live around the world with the VIP section filled with representatives from the Olympic Movement and embassies. The World Combat Games, which will be held in beautiful Riyadh from the 19-30 October 2023, will be the first all-inclusive martial arts multi-sport event which will include 16 combat sports, Olympic and non-Olympic, with over 2000 elite athletes.  The ...


May 26th, 2023

FIGHT 1 • Men's Quarter Finals🔴 RJ vs BA 🔵In the first fight, we had Dolf Lander (RJ) and Mateus Santos (BA) facing each other in the first round of the men's GP. Dolf dominated the 3 rounds in the judges' scoring and won by decision, advancing to the semifinal. FIGHT 2 • Men's Quarter Finals🔴 PA x SP 🔵In the second match, we had Yuri Oliveira (PA) and Caio Ribeiro (SP) disputing another spot in ...

David vs Ballafrikh: Intercontinental Bout

May 26th, 2023

Freedom brings you the biggest main event of 2023 in USA. This Saturday, May 27, Freedom 13 will promote 2 of the best lightweights in the world. Representing Morocco will be the 61kg lightweight World Freedom Champion AMINE BALLAFRIKH vs the IFMA medalist JUAN DAVID RIOS who will be representing Colombia but coming to us all the way from Belgium.These 2 athletes will be fighting for the prestigious Intercontinental Championship belt coming all the way from ...

World Muaythai Championships Singapore

May 25th, 2023

It was a night to remember in Singapore as World Muaythai Championship, 2023 Pro Series 2 took place which was sanctioned by IFMA and the WMC. The event boasted a full international line-up with a WMC MAD title on the line as well as a Super 4 Tournament held at the D' Marquee venue in, Downtown East. Competing for the WMC MAD title in the lightweight division was Enzo Petricig from France vs Wan Mee Chai ...

Challenger Battleground: It has begun!

May 24th, 2023

Who would have thought that Muaythai would be on Prime Time, National Discovery and HBO? Once again, The Challenger has made it. 12 athletes from 5 continents following their dreams, finding themselves in the ultimate Muaythai show. The first episode had record audiences when the 6 male and 6 female athletes were introduced. It’s a martial art show like no other. Eight weapons and one of the most exciting combat sports in the world. Stay tuned for the ...

Brazilian Muaythai Festival

May 24th, 2023

The Royal Thai Embassy of Brazil, IFMA, the world governing body of Muaythai and their recognized federation, CBMTT and the National Olympic Committee of Brazil organized the 2023 Brazilian Muaythai Festival. The 3-day event was held inside the Sao Palo Olympic Training Center and live demonstration performances were hosted by the Royal Thai Government and IFMA with the famous Lana Fighting Team which just came back from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the important MoU ...

The Challenger Battleground Press Conference

May 16th, 2023

The Challenger: Muaythai Returns for a High-Stakes Season featuring Professional Male and Female Fighters from Across the Globe. After a critically acclaimed debut season that earned an International Emmy Award nomination, “The Challenger” is back with a new set of contestants and even higher stakes. This season, which premieres on 17 May on HBO GO and Discovery, the show will feature professional male and female fighters from across the globe, who go toe to toe ...

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