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Explosive IMTL Title Fight in Slovenia

December 2nd, 2014

Muaythai around the world continues to grow as this past weekend featured an IMTL title fight in Slovenia in which local Muaythai star, Mirko Vorkapic took on Redouan Koubini from Holland. Vorkapic took on the tall Dutchman in an intense back and forth battle, and earned the hard won IMTL title belt. The 193cm tall Dutchman’s tried to utilize his significant reach advantage in his game plan, but Vorkapic was able to figure out the angles ...

Who Will Be the Winner of Kings Cup 2014?

December 1st, 2014

Four top athletes will square off to compete for the Trophy of all trophies, donated by His Majesty the King of Thailand. Skill, fitness and toughness will come to the test as only one can step out of the ring as the winner and be escorted by the Royal Cadets to take the trophy and be declared the winner. The fighters will not fight one time in the night, as it will be in a Super ...

King’s Cup Live on EB TV

December 1st, 2014

For the millions and millions of muaythai enthusiasts and fans around the world who won't have the chance to catch the real live King's Cup action at Sanam Luang in celebration of the 87th Birthday of His Majesty the King of Thailand, have no fear! EB TV will be streaming the mega event of the year live!! Fans and muaythai lovers can watch the action from anywhere in the world, as EB TV brings the action right to your ...

King’s Cup 2014

December 1st, 2014

December 5th is a very special national holiday in Thailand, as the nation celebrates His Majesty King Bhumipol’s birthday. It is also celebrated as Father’s Day for the Thai people, as the beloved paternalistic Monarch is considered the Father of the nation.   2014 was a historical year for the World Muaythai Council as the organisation was granted Royal Patronage. In honour of HM’s 87th Birthday and the recent Royal Patronage, a special King’s Cup Gala event ...

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