Aekpracha Wins the Prince Cup

The Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand (AMTAT) under Royal Patronage , the World Muaythai Council (WMC), the  world governing body under directive of the Royal Thai Government, and the Internaitonal federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA), the governing international federation for amateur Muaythai, and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), joined forces for the official 2012 Prince Cup.

The MCC Hall at The Mall Department Store Bangkapi, was filled to capacity in a world class production. The opening fight was under IFMA rules, as part of the ‘Muaythai Towards Highest Recogntion’campaign, between Thailand’s Gumlaipetch Petchsomnuek and the Brazilian boxer Adayton Pareira De Frettas , to promote the amateur side of Muaythai, and also the upcoming World Championships in Russia, St. Petersburg. Showcasing that Muaythai truly has become international, to the delight of the Brazilian ambassador, who was sitting front row, Adayton Pareira De Frettas put in a world class effort, beating his opponent.

The second fight was between Thai champion Wanpadet Meenayothin  and Australian champion Michael “Mikey” Thompson. This one really had the crowd on their feet, as the Australian brought the stadium to silence with a stunning performance. Displaying all eight weapons, Mikey stopped Wanpadet in his tracks, again to the delight of the Australian embassy representatives, sitting front row.

Finally, it was time for the super 4 Aekpracha, the Thai champion who is being built up as the next Buakaw, versus Muaythai veteran Marco Pique, who was the last minute replacement for Jordan Watson, Brazilian Thiago Teixiera and Challenger superstar “Perisan Mos”.

The opening fight was between Aekpracha and Marco Pique, the crowd was on their feet when out of nowhere Aekprachai came with a fierce elbow, which put Marco Pique straight out, for the first time in his career. The stadium was on fire, as Thailand’s confidence grew.

The second fight was a war: Thiago vs. Persian Mos, but after a hard battle, with neither fighter giving an inch, Thiago upset Persian Mos with a win.

The final was set, Aekpracha vs. Thiago. Thailand’s star, coming fresh into the contest, thought that the Brazilian would be a walk over. However, it was five rounds of superb Muaythai, the Brazilian taking and giving back every shot by Aekpracha, and the crowd was cheerin all the way. Both fighters received a standing ovation, and it was Aekpracha who won with a unanimous point decision, making his family, his country and himself proud, by winning the 2012 Prince Cup.

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