Angel Fight Extreme in Bangkok: Female Power

Bangkok will come alive , October 27th,  as the World Muaythai Angels promotion will be holding a special press conference followed by eight fights featuring world class Muaythai athletes. The press conference and special event will be held in one of Bangkok’s popular hotspots, the Asiatique theatre, home of the widely popular Muaythai Live show from 13:00 to 17:00. Limited free tickets will be available at the Muaythai Live counter for those that show up early to watch the event.

The fight card will feature many talented angels like Chomannee, the current WMA Champion, which also  has represented Thailand at the WMC event in St Tropez  and other WMA finalists like Duannapa and Theresa Wintermyr. Good luck to all the talented athletes, and congratulations to World Muaythai Angels for organizing a spectacular event that will absolutely light up the evening. It will be Thailand versus the world in this spertacular event

Fight Card
1. Saifah (Thailand) vs Theresa Wintermyr (Sweden)
2. Saengdow (Thailand) vs Martyna Krol (Poland)
3. Chomannee (Thailand, WMA Champion) vs Miriam Sabot (Italy)
4. Nong Amp (Thailand) vs Shauna Restivo (USA)
5. Chalam Noi (Thailand) vs Melissa Reaume (Canada)
6. Peach Purahong (Thailand) vs Kelly Creegan (Ireland)
7. Jade Marissa Sirisompan (Thailand) vs Irine Plaza (Spain)
8. Duannapa (Thailand) vs Juliana Rosa (Brazil)

Angel Fight


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