Australia vs Malaysia


This Sunday 5th February the vibrant city of Perth Australia will once again host the latest edition of Ignition Muaythai with a line up not to be missed. The event which is sanctioned by the WMC will see Australia’s best of the best battle it out to see who is number 1.

Muaythai Australia National President is also proud to have Malaysia v Australia as the main event of the evening and also MTA Champion Ben Valuri defending his MTA Sate title in the semi main event. The first WMC event for 2017 is going to start the year with a bang!!
***IGNITION Muaythai Sunday 5th Feb 2017***

Main Card
Chris Watt (Champions Gym) v Wong Han Chen (Lamai Muaythai) 70kg 5×2
Ben Valuri (WATBC) v Charlie Diggins (Champions Gym) 66.68kg MTA State title 5×2
Jimmy Grey (Champions Gym) v Anthony Sayasone (Ora Sports Fitness) 76kg 3×2
Brandon Kingston (WATBC) v Mitch Holder (AMMA) 68kg 3×2

Under Card
Rocco Rossi (WATBC) v Joseph Nguntual (MMA24/7) 60kg 3×2
Stephan Kirk (MMA24/7) v Kodi Linturn (XLMA) 63kg 3×2
Kristy Barr (Kao Sok) v Audrey Cartraud (CNSMMA) 55kg 3×2
Steve Burch (Manjimup MT) v Dan McGrath (Albany FF) 79kg 3×2
Emmanuel Basiliote (WATBC) v Phil Akuhata (Ora Spprts Fitness)60kg 3×2
Beau Scarlett (EMT) v Toby Cowcher (Albany FF) 69kg 3×2
Kayleigh Wainwright (WATBC) v Maddison Grigg (Inswing Thai Boxing) 57kg 3×2
Tom Stacks (XLMA) v Brock Rowe (True Grit) 63kg 3×2
Hussien Ahmed (Champions) v James Holiday (AMMA) 57kg 3×2

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