BOM Muaythai Results

Sunday the 13th of November in the beautiful city of Tokyo, the host city of the 2020 Olympics saw the latest installment of the famous WMC BOM Muaythai promotion. The event is under the sanctioning of the WMC and includes the best of the best in the world of Muaythai. The event is telecast live in Japan and around Asia and again had record numbers showing the popularity of Muaythai in Japan. But Japan itself is one of the leading combat countries in the world with Judo, Karate, Kendo, Aikido and Sumo all playing an important part of Japanese history and future.

The main event of the evening saw Japanese champion Nadaka Yoshinari challenging for the WMC title against Shushap Tor Ittiporn for the WMC Pinweight World title. Pinweight is the smallest weight category but again these athletes showed lions’ heart by taking the audience to the edge of their seats from the opening round to the last second showcasing world class Muaythai.

The first two rounds were at an even with Shushap just claiming the third round utilising his clinch and knee attacks. He kept up this during the fourth and fifth claiming a win over the local Japanese hero.



Japanese promoter Mr. Natsuo  said that this is the true essence of Muaythai, respect and honour are not just words they are practiced by every stakeholder, the athletes, the coaches, the officials and the audience and that is why in the end, even if you lose a match you still are a winner in the the Muaythai world.


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