Eruption 11 Results

Eruption 11 was a huge success with a packed arena filled with spectators and media crew. The event was packed with plenty of Muaythai action for all parties present from highly technical bouts that went the distance to quick first or second round stoppages. Local Muaythai superstar Jamie Stamp took on Asian WMC Champion  Yukiya Nakamura, and after a highly entertaining fight that went the distance, Jamie Stamp was declared the winner and WMC Champion.

Congratulations to Eruption Muaythai promotions for putting together an excellent fight card, including four female bouts that were one of the highlights of the night and showed how far female Muaythai has come along.

Eruption 11: Results

  1. Jacob Reid Defeated Daniel MacDonald
  2. Alex Grisbrook Defeated Neha Chaudary
  3. Rob Ferguson Defeated Saman Elyass
  4. Melina Yung Defeated Michelle Gracie
  5. Fabian Lossec Defeated Ben Austin
  6. Yvejak NTG Defeated Jamie Young
  7. Lyndon Bin Doraho Defeated Daniel Geurts
  8. Leonie Macks Defeated Claire Baxter
  9. Dwayne Harris Defeated Jarred Siamang
  10. Jamie Stamp Defeated Yukiya Nakamura
  11. Jordan Gilbanks defeated Nathan Pickett
  12. Hannah Layton defeated Kelsie Thompson
  13. Dejan Ross defeated Daniel Valvsaga

Photo credit: Eruption Muaythai


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