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Muaythai and UNiTE have continued their fantastic joint campaign to End Violence Against Women. World Muaythai Angels partnered up with WMC to put on a special Muaythai Day show to promote the popularity of female Muaythai.

Girls from around the world joined in the fantastic event and to promote the campaign, and the Thai national team took on an international team in an unforgettable event for all participants and spectators.

The main fight of the evening was between World Muaythai Angels Champion Chommanee Sor Taehiran, and Martyna Krol from Poland which had the entire stadium on their feet, millions of viewers on TV on the edge of their seat, which showed that female Muaythai is truly equally and many say, even more popular than their male counterpart. It was the champion Chommanee, who had to go into overdrive to win a very close fight. Respect to both athletes to be a part of such an important campaign, and to be part of such an outstanding gala. A special thank you to Khun Jaru, the CEO World Muaythai Angels and everyone involved. UNiTE we stand.

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