French NOC Hails WMC Champions


Soiree des Champions 2018 (Night of the Champions 2018) saw the French Muaythai champions Anaelle Angerville, Myriame Djedidi, Quentin Alhamdou and Jimmy Vienot awarded for their amazing performance at the European Muaythai Championships 2018 in Prague. Jimmy Vienot the current WMC world champion and Myriame Djedidi the current WMC Intercontinental and 2 time WMC European champion were on hand to talk to the press. The Olympic Committee of France organises an annual award night for the outstanding athletes and five muaythai athletes were distinguished this year.
All of the five athletes have been champions of the World and European Championships promoting their countries throughout the years. The award is a true recognition of the athletes and their contribution to the development of the martial arts in France but most of all for being a model for the young generations of athletes in France.

It was a proud moment for the French muaythai athletes being on the same stage as French Olympic and football heroes also showcasing the popularity of muaythai in France.
The President of the French Muaythai Federation Mr. Nadir Allouache stated that France FFKMDA is a proud membef of the IFMA muaythai family, the sport and art of muaythai is fully recognised by the Olympic Committee of France and the French Ministry of Sport. Over 400 gyms work together under one umbrella and France have proudly hosted the European Championships in 2017, and with the Olympic Games Paris 2024, Paris is also considering to host the IFMA World Championships in the next years to come.

The WMC congratulates French athletes for their outstanding success and the French Federation for the continuous growth in the muaythai world family.


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