IFMA and Rajadamnern Stadium sign an MoU

IFMA would like to congratulate Rajadamnern Stadium for the historic ceremony held to allow female fighters to compete under proper rules and regulations at Rajadamnern Stadium. The MoU aligns Rajadamnern Stadium to follow the IFMA and IOC policies of gender equality, fair play, safeguarding and so on.

Rajadamnern Stadium is one of the leading Muaythai stadiums in Thailand possessing rich history and tradition of the sport and has a vision for the future to support Muaythai to highest recognition.

IFMA, which has been promoting female Muaythai since 1992, developing from very humble participation into full gender equality, which was one of the main criteria for Muaythai to become IOC recognized. IFMA is looking forward to the close cooperation with Rajadamnern Stadium and bringing the Muay Yings from around the world on the same platform as their male counterparts at this legendary stadium.

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