Instructor Seminar & Implementation of Khan Degree Programme in Hungary

Muaythai Instructor Seminar & Implementation of Khan Degree Program in Hungary

Saturday 30th January 2011 in Hungary saw a half-day seminar held for trainers which covered various topics, such as sports nutrition, insurance policies for boxers and sports clubs in the field of martial arts, new methods for endurance training and workouts as well as a presentation about the Khan examination system that is to be introduced in Hungary this year. More than 30 participants from 13 cubs attended the seminar.

The presentation highlighted the cultural and commercial aspects of the grading system, and gave detailed information on the various levels, as well as the practical info about the exam.

As a key focus from the beginner levels upwards, at the end of the presentation participants practised the “wai kru”.

The overall impression and the feedback from the participants were positive and trainers found the system to be a useful tool for teaching, giving students clear goals and awards for their achievements.

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