Promoter Mike Miles hosted the sold out ‘Challenger 3 – JAWBREAKER’ event on Saturday January 28th at the Century Casino in Calgary. The event boasted Team Canada against Team Thailand and these bouts were not to disappoint. The professional bouts were sanctioned by the Calgary Combative Sports Commission (CCSC) and the World Muaythai Council (WMC). The amateur bouts were sanctioned by the International Federation of MuayThai Amatuer (IFMA) and MuayThai Alberta (MA).

The Mike Miles Canadian Challenger fight series features top international athletes from around the world. DEVASTATION March 10th sees Canada vs. Pan America, NO MERCY April 27 sees Canada fight top athletes from the former soviet bloc, and COMPLETE DEVASTATION October 19 sees a reprise of Canada against Thailand.

The JAWBREAKER event was blessed with coaches and athletes who handled themselves very professionally throughout the event. A huge thank you goes out to Kru Nong (Thailand), Tricia McKeary (England), Lane Collyer and Alex Palma (USA), Sifu Frank Lee, Albert Han, KruYai Scott Clark, Kru Erik Lollike, and Misty Sutherland-Kolozetti (Canada). It was amazing how smooth things ran and the cooperation from all for the event. Thank you!

“There are so many people to thank in regards to the success of this event”, said Mike Miles. “My incredible team of people around me. The sponsors and all the fans who came to support MuayThai at its best!”

MAIN EVENT – Jesse Miles (Calgary/Miles) vs. Wattana Sit Jor (Thailand)
Two athletes, the same height, the same weight, and very experienced put on a great fight this night. The bout opened with both testing the waters and attempting some fakes, feints, and pressure. Some shots were thrown and landed but both took their time to measure their opponent in terms of distance, tactics, and battle plans. In the second round it was time for both to start opening up. Jesse landed some good kicks which took the grin off of Wattana’s face. The two then just measured and started throwing some very hard leather (very disciplined blows which were mostly avoiding by two professionals). Both had landed but not clearly and cleanly during the opening of the round. Two thirds the way through the second round, Wattana threw a huge right hand that caught Jesse flush on the eye. Jesse went down hard but was back up on his feet by the count of two, though his legs were wobbly as he stuck close to the ropes receiving his count. As soon as the fight continued Wattana smelled blood and zoomed across the ring and delivered a jumping knee at Jesse’s face, but Jesse made it miss and spent the remaining time in the round flustering the Thai by changing the range and at times smothering Wattana’s attempts to knock him out after the knockdown. The bell rang and the Thai was ahead in the fight now due to the knockdown. In round three Jesse had cleared his head and he again controlled the range making Wattana miss and countering with fast kicks. Half way through the third round Jesse forced Wattana backwards with a combination and then delivered a fast and hard spinning back elbow catching the Thai on the cheek. Wattana dropped hard to the canvas. He also now sported a cut open on his cheek from the elbow. The Thai then amazingly jumped back to his feet and was to continue after the eight count. Jesse smelled blood and pounced in and after pounding a few punches into Wattana’s guard, snuck a huge right hand through snapping Wattana’s head backwards. Jesse immediately followed with a crunching left hook which jolted Wattana’s head to the side explosively and unnaturally, sending a huge wave of sweat into the air off the Thai’s head. Wattana crumbled to the canvas and was out. The referee waved off the fight. The crowd went crazy. These two athletes can hit and showed great desire and smarts during this bout. Jesse wins the fight by 3rd round KO. A good win for Jesse who now moves forward to a fight in Thailand.

SEMI-MAIN EVENT – Sandra Bastian (Calgary/Miles) vs. Kristina Alvarez (USA/ Palma)
Sandra had not fought in Calgary for quite some time. She had some fights in the MPL League in the last 6 months (her last bout against England’s Julie Kitchen). But the problem with the MPL was that the weight division was above (8 pounds) what Sandra usually fights at. While all the girls in the division were losing weight for the weigh ins, Sandra had to eat to put on the weight needed for the division in the MPL. This bout in Calgary gave Sandra a chance to get back into the division she fights under. Across the ring was American Kristina Alvarez. A young up and coming athlete, this bout gave Sandra a chance to move with someone her own size again. In the first round Kristina moved and threw a lot of punches. Sandra was to fight defensively and counter with kicks trying to finish the exchanges between the two. In the second round, Sandra picked up the pressure and started throwing more strikes and moving forward falling into the clinch. This was where Kristina was now struggling as Sandra clinched and delivered some hard knees. Sandra was to move forward and press the fight until towards the end of the second round, the bout was stopped in favor of Sandra. Sandra Bastian was to win by second round TKO. Sandra now takes a fight offer in England at the end of March.


Peter Arbeau (Calgary/Miles) vs. Don Pinyo MuayThai (Thailand)
This was a very good fight. Don is known in Thailand for his strong clinching and kicking as well as being very aggressive and moving forward. But Peter was to provide very stiff resistance when Don was to try and advance. Both would pick and fire shots at each other with the other picking off the attack and smiling at each other. When Don would manage to get into the clinch, Peter was the first to fire and score as well as the last to fire and score. During the clinch in the second round a small cut opened on Peter’s cheek. There was confusion as to where the cut came from (after the fight Peter was to claim a head butt while Don was to say from the tape on his gloves). When the two would clinch during the remainder of the bout, Don would try and use his glove to make the cut bigger. Also while in the clinch, Don would try and take Peter down but Peter managed to nullify this tactic for the first four rounds. On the outside, Peter was to score with roundhouse kicks to the body and with fast and strong punches. Don would score with long teep’s and with some knees when the two would fall into the clinch. In the fifth round both athletes were tired. Don would clinch and try and tie up Peter from behind. In the final round, Don managed to throw Peter to the canvas while Peter managed to take the Thai to the ground with him. Peter Arbeau did enough and was to win the bout by split decision. Peter now moves forward to his bout with Marcos Denis on March 10th in Calgary for the historic PAMU Title.

Hakeem Dawodu vs. Parnpetch Petch Taling Ngarm
“Wow!”, to quote some of the very experienced fight fans, this was one of the best fights they had seen in years. Parnpetch gave everything he had to try and cinch the victory. Incredible timing, smooth movement, and exceptional tactics. With is great reflexes, it is no wonder Parnpetch is a MAD Champion (MuayThai Against Drugs). But Hakeem proved why he is one of the best up and coming athletes in North America, exhibiting the same skills. The bout opened with Hakeem taking a left kick to the head. But he just walked forward and right through the blow not missing a beat. The exchanges went back and forth with incredible movement, precision, and skill. Hakeem was to learn a lot from this fight as the Thai was to exhibit some skills Hakeem has never seen before. Parnpetch pulled off some incredible moves to say the least. Hakeem would grab Parnpetch’s leg and try and take out the supporting leg, and during one time with three attempts, but Parnpetch was to literally jump over the incoming low kicks. The Thai’s leg strength was unbelievable. Incredible exchanges of kicks would take place in long sequences between the two. Parnpetch started the fight very confidently and smiling but by round three the smile was long gone. During one clinch Parnpetch was to throw the Canadian to the ground, but Hakeem just bounced right off the canvas with a kip up and was back in the face of the Thai. The fight included lots of jumping knee and kick attacks from both athletes. By the time the fight was over there was a standing ovation from the audience. The bout was very, very close with Hakeem Dawodu winning by a very tight split decision. Hakeem was to win the Roy Lilley Best In Town Fighter Award for this bout. Parnpetch was to win the Willie Williams Best Out of Town Athlete Award. Hakeem Dawodu now moves forward with his next fight in Calgary on March 10th against Argentina Champion Sebastian Calvo in the historic first ever PAMU (Pan American MuayThai Union) Title Bouts. Hakeem them moves forward on April 27th battling Kholmuratov Firdaysiy (again in Calgary). A bout is Thailand is also scheduled for him in June.

Phil Leier (Calgary/Miles) vs. Thanasak Petch Taling Ngarm (Thailand)
Phil was to start this bout very calm and collected. Thanasak was also very calm but is known as a very technical athlete who will not get into wars trading blows when fighting. In the first round both tested the waters and both were successful with some attacks and counters. In the second round, the exchanges picked up a little more in the authority department. Phil was being pressed backwards and was checking kicks. However, Thanasak delivered a low kick (which Phil blocked) and doubled up with the same leg catching the Canadian on mid thigh. The kick was hard and Phil went down. Upon Phil getting up, Thanasak smelled blood and knew he had hurt Phil’s leg. Some more exchanges took place and Thanasak landed another crisp low kick to the same leg and though Phil did not go down, it was obvious the kick hurt. Thanasak continued with more pressure and landed a third low kick which landed with a resounding smack and Phil went to the canvas. The leg had stiffened up too much and Phil could not make the count. Thanasak was to win by 2nd round TKO.


Nicci Soutiere (Calgary/Miles) vs. Gemma Coast (England/McKeary)
This was the first international event of the evening. Both athletes were similar in height, weight, and experience. Both ladies exhibited clean technique, ring savvy, and moved well at all ranges in this bout. Nicci was to press the attack and seemed to have an advantage in the clinch. Also Nicci’s right hand kept finding it’s mark. Gemma was to deliver some great kicks both offensively and intercepting successfully defensively. Nicci was to take the bout by unanimous decision. Nicci moves forward with a bout against Brazilian Champion Ruth Aquino for the Pan American MuayThai Union Title Belt on March 10th in Calgary. This is the first time in history this belt is up for grabs (courtesy of IFMA, PAMU, and MuayThai Alberta).

Christina James (Calgary/Miles) vs. Teci Torres (USA/Moncaio)
There was two complete different styles in this bout. Christina was to move a little slower in her stance on the outside (MuayThai) whereas Tecia was to dance and fire on the outside (Kickboxing). Christina had some difficulty cornering and catching Tecia with her blows. Tecia used speed to dart in and out. In the second round a huge right hand from Tecia was to rock and drop Christina to the canvas. However, Christina was to regain her footing and become even more aggressive in the remainder of the bout. On the inside Christina was to clinch and dominate but just was not given enough opportunity to exploit this strength as Tecia was quick with her footwork and angling. Tecia Torres was to win the bout by unanimous decision.

Sterling Love (Calgary/Han) vs. Minh Pham (Edmonton/Lee)
Opening fight by two novice athletes. Good movement and skills and good exchanges back and forth of kicks and punches. Sterling Love was to win by decision. Good skills, great heart and future stars to watch.

Dwain Soon (Calgary/Miles) vs. Josh Downing (USA/Cook) turns out to be Dwain Soon vs. Jason Jillain exhibition
Josh was to make it to Canada but encountered problems from Canadian Immigration in a random check by the Canadian authorities. The problems compounded and though Josh was to show up at the weigh-ins, he was on the plane back to the USA on the day of the fights. Heartbreaking as Dwain’s father had flown in from Ontario to witness the international bout. Kru Jason Jillain was to step up and the two performed a fast and rigorous three round exhibition match after the intermission.

Up next in Calgary, DEVASTATION on March 10th. Featuring history in the making with four PAMU Titles on the line.

Devastation March 10
International MuayThai Gala

History in the making…
4 PAMU (Pan American MuayThai Union) Titles
Canada vs. Brazil and Argentina
Canada’s Peter Arbeau (Calgary) takes on Brazilian Champion MARCOS DENIS for the PAMU Lightmiddleweight Belt.
Canada’s Hakeem Dawodu (Calgary) takes on Argentinan Champion SEBASTIAN CALVO for the PAMU Superlightweight Belt.
Canada’s Robert Thomas (Ontario) takes on Brazilian Champion GEVERSON BERGAMO for the PAMU Cruiserweight Belt.
Canada’s Nicci Soutiere (Calgary) takes on Argentinan Champion RUTH AQUINO for the PAMU Women’s Superlightweight Belt.

Undercard shaping up too…
Max Carruthers vs. Anton Patockie!

More to come!
Calgary March 10 Historic PAMU Titles

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