Joint Press Conference: 30 Years Thailand & Kazakhstan Relationship

An important press conference took place at the Sport Authority of Thailand organized by the National Sports Development Fund to celebrate the 20-year diplomatic relationship between the Kingdom of Thailand and the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Muaythai is more than a combat sport. It promotes cultural understanding and cooperation and this is what is at the front of sport.

The National Sports Development Fund Manager of Thailand, Khun Supranee Guptasa, welcomed all the participants to this historical event stating that Thailand will continue to promote muaythai as a cultural art form, as an IOC recognized sport and that this event is an important one.

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, IFMA Honorary President and President of AMTAT, stated that Kazakhstan is one of the founding members of IFMA and it was in Almaty, in 2003, where he was elected as IFMA President showing the long relationship between the two countries and federations. 

Somchart Charoenwatcharawit, President of PAT, further stated that PAT will work closely together with AMTAT and the Royal Thai Government to ensure the safety and well-being of the athletes, adhering to the Olympic regulations of muaythai.
Mr. Tanukiat Chankum, Deputy Governor of SAT Department of Professional Sports and Sport Boxing further stated that this important exchange between the athletes from Kazakhstan and Thailand promotes the cooperation not only in sport but also so much more. This is a continuation of the many events which had already taken place. Mr. Chankum thanked the Kazakhstan Muaythai Federation under IFMA, the world governing body for muaythai, for enhancing and promoting muaythai around the world.

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