Mauritius Muaythai Gala Ticks All the Boxes

Mauritius muaythai fans were treated to a special muaythai gala on Saturday as the Gymnase Phoenix Sports Complex hosted an event to celebrate the dawn of the WMC in Mauritius. The Mauritius Muaythai Championships was the first of its kind in the country and featured a stacked card of homegrown heroes organised by the IFMA Federation of Mauritius which is headed by President Sham Seeratam.

The pinnacle of the evening saw 6 WMC national titles contested as the best of the best of Mauritius talent battled it out for a chance to compete for the Indian Ocean title in the forthcoming months.

WMC National Title results

1.Category – 56kg
Miguel Uranie (Club RH) vs Neel Boodoo (BMA)
Winner: Neel Boodoo

2. Category – 71kg
Adrien Sandian (Club RH) vs Rudy Beetun (Ste Croix)
Winner: Rudy Beetun

3. Category – 67kg
Linley Perrine (Club RH) vs Noah Le Mince (Ste Croix)
Winner: Linley Perrine

4. Category – 58kg
Arfaaz Mahamoodally (Club RH) vs Shakil Cauloo (Ste Croix)
Winner: Shakil

5. Category – 54kg
Dany Hoareau v Yael Neelumbur
Winner: Dany Hoareau

6. Category – +91KG
Zoulkeef Mohomohossen v Marcus JiJi
Winner: Zoulkeef

The WMC would like to congratulate all for a successful event and send a special thank you to Mauritius president Sham Seeratam for his continued hard work.

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