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Forty of the world’s best male and female athletes have started their road to the World Muaythai Council (WMC) World Title and MPL Championship in an exciting league format.

The first event was staged on the 2nd of September in Los Angeles, USA, and from now on every month the athletes will be moving to a different country fighting for their place into the big finals. Eight competitors are in fact participating in each division and have been split into two pools for the Round Robin Stage. Only the top two will then advance to the elimination stage.

The L.A. event was held at the beautiful Walter Pyramid showroom, and attracted several celebrities from the fighting world, and not, such as: Joe Rogan (UFC commentator, comedian), Scott Caan (Entourage, Hawaii 5-0), Larry Merchant (HBO Boxing), Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys), DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill, SIRIUS XM Radio), Dan Puder (WWE), Alistair Overeem (Strikeforce MMA fighter), Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen (NCIS: Los Angeles), Ernesto Hoost (K1 Champion), Jason Mayhem Miller (UFC host), Eric Van Wagenen (Contender Asia Executive Producer), and Stephan Fox ( WMC Vice-President, host Contender Asia & Challenger Muaythai).

The other results of the night were as following:

66.6 kg – Michael Dicks (UK) VS Leo Monteiro (BRA) – UPD
A fantastic fight to start the evening with. Michael made sure to prove why he is one of Europe’s best in the Welterweight division, giving a great show and winning on points decision.

63.5 kg – Angelique Pitiot (FRA) VS Valentina Shevchenko (PER) – UPD
Although Angelique put on a fantastic performance, Valentina, the five times IFMA World Champion, showed again why she is one of the most lethal and feared in the female muaythai world. The Peruvian won by points decision.

82.5 kg – Artem Levin (RUS) VS David Keclik (AUT) – TKO 2
Arten Levin, the winner of the SportAccord Combat Games, WMC European Champion, and five times IFMA World Champion, has recently stepped up in weight division and is now fighting within the Super Light Heavyweight. He is surely one of the best fighters around, with his lethal flying knees, superb boxing skills, and razor sharp elbows, like a surgeon, he badly cut David Keclik, who needed over twenty stiches after the fight.

95 kg – Martin Jahn (GER) VS Filip Verlinden (BLG) – TKO 2
Filip, IFMA World Champion, has been trained by his father, a ring star, Alistair Overeen, since the early age of six. He showed his mark in the Heavyweight division with a world class performance, stopping the German in round two.

WMC Muaythai against Drugs Title – Baxter Humby (USA) VS Zidov Domenik (CHE) – KO 1
This title was fought for a special belt donated by His Privy Privy Councilor to His Majesty the King of Thailand. The local hero had the best, winning by KO.

66.6 kg – Mehdi Zatout (FRA) VS Denis Schneidmiller (GER) – UPD
One of the closest fights of the evening, fought under the 66.7 Kg division, with Denis having the best at points decision.

63.5 kg – Martina Jindrova (CZE) VS Julie Kitchen (UK) – UPD
The second female fight of the night saw a great performance by both sides. Julie, WMC World Champion, showed to be the strongest, winning by points.

72.5 kg – Marco Pique (SUR) VS Nieky Holzken (NED) – UPD
With no doubt one of the best and most exciting fights of the night, with both boys going toe to toe until the very last minute of the fight. Marco in fact looked to be the winner up to a few instants from the end, when Nieky started throwing a series of text book muaythai combination which put Marco down. The dutch man won by one point decision.

82.5 kg – Simon Marcus (CAN) VS Artem Vakhitov (RUS) – UPD
A rematch of the final of the 2010 SportAccord Combat Games. Both boys looked to be in excellent form, but at the end of the day it was Simon, the Canadian, who took home the league points, leaving the Russian with a bitter taste, again.

95 kg – Tomas Hron (CZE) VS Nathan Corbett (AUS) – TKO 1
Nathan was surely in superb form. He showed since the very beginning of the fight all his potential, making the best of all eight muaythai weapons with a world-class style. The Australian took the fight home winning by TKO.

WMC Muaythai against Drugs Title – Buakaw Por. Pramuk (THA) VS Warren Stevelmans (RSA) – TKO 4
The final fight of the evening had everyone on their toes. Round one saw Stevelmans coming out with hard punches. In round two both boys started closing up. Round three an angry Buakaw came back with hard round house kicks, punches and knees, hearting Warren. In round four the referee was forced to stop the fight to avoid too much punishment to the brave South African.

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