Muaythai Connects through the Virtual Championships

IFMA has been extremely busy over the last 3 months as the pandemic brought about unprecedented consequences affecting so many lives, influencing the world of sport and that of muaythai. When the pandemic began and the IFMA leadership realised its severity, an Ad-Hoc Management Committee was immediately appointed to ensure that health and safety plays centre role in the direction of the federation. Further, IFMA has worked close with the IOC recognised organisations and NGOs to adapt to the ever-changing landscape, understanding the hardships, financial burdens and the many issues faced by the stakeholders within the muaythai family.

Among the AHMC’s work involved offering support to National Federations, individuals and those in need, while at the same time ensuring that the athletes would have the opportunity to continue a healthy lifestyle, active communication with stakeholders to offer support and interaction, and this is why the #MuaythaiConnects initiative was established.

The initiative involved webinars with the Olympic family and IFMA Commissions in which all 140 member federations participated as well as VDO conferencing within the working groups and national federations.

IFMA also worked closely with its partners on creating, developing, and trialling a virtual competition platform on which to organise the first Online Virtual World Championships, which will revolutionise the IFMA event calendar long after the pandemic. What was initiated as a response to the current sport event landscape has evolved into an event concept which is in harmony with the IFMA philosophy of inclusivity, universality, and non-discrimination.

Through this event, IFMA aims to ensure especially that the IFMA’s youth can continue to dream, to achieve, to be the best they can be, combining the important cultural, sporting and social aspects muaythai offers.

The Online Virtual World Championships will see tournaments over four disciplines: Wai Kru, Shadow Box, Max Fit and Aero Fit.

Over 40,000 participants are estimated to take part in the 4-month event in which participants will have the opportunity to compete for championship titles without the need for a passport, a visa or travel budget. An event without borders which will connect teams around the world to compete with one another, using only a smart phone and internet connection.

It is the one world one muaythai philosophy of IFMA, uniting 140 countries, standing in solidarity and unity to battle the pandemic, together as one under the banner of muaythai.

Official Logo of the IFMA Virtual Championships

The Event Logo was designed with concept of visualising the virtual nature of the competition. This is depicted with the image of the Screen from which we see participants representing both senior and youth, male and female.
The #MuaythaiConnects initiative hashtag is incorporated and visually depicted through the “Wi-Fi” symbol to showcase our connection through competition even while participants may be physically distanced.

For more information on the event, disciplines, rules & regulations, please visit:

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