Muaythai gets in the US Army

This year the special Hanuman Guardian exercise at Fort Erawan in Lopburi between the Royal Thai Army and the US Army had a special attraction as muaythai was included in the training programme. Who would be a better Khru than the multiple WMC world champion and IFMA ambassador Buakaw Banchamek who took the top soldiers of this special op through a traditional muaythai workout. The muaythai legend taught the important traditional Wai Khru before taking them for a proper muaythai fitness workout showing them why muaythai is one of the most realistic combat sports in the world.

Buakaw stated that this is a proud day for him to be invited in his army position as Lieutenant to train together with eth US army especially as muaythai has been fully recognised by the International Olympic Committee and that muaythai will take over the United States in the upcoming World Games in Birmingham. 

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