Muaythai India Rankings Series 3

United Muaythai Association India, the official IFMA recognised umbrella organisation in India once again sanctioned the WMC India ranking fight organised by Star Martial Arts and Fitness Club alongside Indian promoter Balkrishna Shetty.

Balkrishna stated that this event series is very important to ensure the continued development of Indian athletes together with the national federation to ensure that Indian athletes gain more experience and ring craft towards the overall development of Indian muaythai.

UMAI President Prasenjit Singha stated that Indian muaythai is more unified than ever to ensure the dreams of the athletes can become a reality and for them to participate for the country and themselves. 
The 2022 calendar will be packed with international Olympic recognised events, the Indoor Asian Martial Art Games, the World Games, the Combat Games, the FISU Games and the list goes on so India wants to ensure that the Indian flag will fly high.

Charissa Tynan, IFMA Sport Director stated that IFMA will continue to support Indian muaythai development both as a sport and a cultural artform and events like this will be also important for IFMA to monitor the ongoing development of muaythai in India. To further mention, it is not about belts given out with no proper structure, but rather cooperation with the national federation, promoters, National Olympic Committees and highest sport’s authorities to ensure that the athletes can develop and proudly represent India and themselves at Olympic recognised multi-sport events and for them to march in at the opening ceremony with athletes from around the world and different recognised sports.

Congratulations to everyone involved on a successful show!

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