Muaythai is set to Ignite


This Sunday 4th December will see the beautiful city of Perth, Australia host the latest edition of Ignition Muaythai. Australia has become a power house in Muaythai with world class events been hosted nearly every week.

The main event will see Samuel Ballantyne go head to head with David Pennimpede for the WMC 76.2kg world title. Also, Ben Valuri will challenge Jake Hickey for the 66.68kg MTA state title.

Promoter Peter Boyd stated that everyone in Perth is looking forward to the event and that the hype for the show is testament to how far Australian Muaythai has developed over the past few years.

IGNITION Muaythai Sunday 4th Dec 2016
Main Card
Red Corner – Blue Corner

WMC 76.2kg Australian Title 5×3 FTR
Samuel Ballantyne (Kao Sok)v David Pennimpede (Khropkhrua)

MTA 66.68kg State Title 5×2 FTR
Ben Valuri (WATBC) v Jake Hickey (Gavs Gym)

Brandon Kingston (Coastal) v Geng Thiangthae (Diesel)

Dan McCann (Unbranded) v Trent-Harley Ross (Champions)
69kg 3×2 FTR
Samuel Gore (EBMT) v Lukas Sayer (Diesel)
67kg 3×2 FTR
Sim Sehmi (Mach1) v Shenae Marie (OMTF)
52kg 3×2 FTR
Mark Thongchai (SMG) v Brock Blakeney (True Grit)
56kg 3×2 FTR

Under Card
Chad Daniels (WATBC) v Aaron Dawson (World gym)
75kg 3×2 FTR
Cory Scarlett (EBMT) v Denis Healy (Baileys)
88kg 3×2 FTR
Liz Earp (KKB) v Natalie Cooke (Onyx)
60kg 3×2 MTR
Jimmy Rush (Mach1) v Nirun Cheeweesuk (Baileys)
63.5kg 3×2 FTR
Mitch Holder (AMMA) v Criag Mckie (Sunset MT)
71kg 3×2 FTR
Adrian Beards (KKB) v Dean Davies (Baileys)
75kg 3×2 FTR
Simon Fathy (Gavs Gym) v Brock Rowe (True Grit)
61kg 3×2 FTR
Jake Keeffe (KKB) v Ryan Patrick (Baileys)
63.5kg 3×2 FTR
Brock Landers (Kanchana) v Sam Lonsdale (True Grit)
50kg 3×2 FTR
Tanya Dawson (World gym) v Paige AC (Gavs Gym)
55kg 3×2 FTR

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