Muaythai Premier League Press conference in beautiful city of Venice

The mayor of one of the most historical cities in the world,  Venice hosted the Press Conference for leg two of Muaythai Premier League.

What could be more beautiful than to overlook the beautiful canals in one of the most historical cultural cities in the world for one of the most cultural and traditional martial arts  in the world?

The setting gave way to a perfect atmosphere and Clifton Brown, CEO of Warrior Caste Productions thanked the Mayor for supporting the  event  which will be telecasted all over the world and will not promote only Venice and Padova but also Muaythai with all its ancient traditions.

Stephan Fox, WMC Vice President thanked the government for supporting Muaythai in such a historical city  and he especially thanked the education department for supporting Muaythai’s charity campaign.

Manuela Perboni from Combat league, the promoter of the event thanked Clifton for supporting Venice and Padova and  the WMC for  pushing Muaythai towards IOC Recognition.

The event is promised to a most spectacular affair set against such a beautiful backdrop of one of the world’s most historically rich cities.

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