Muaythai Supershow in Dubai

The UAE Muaythai Federation under the Presidency of HE Abdullah Saeed Amer Al Neyadi put on a muaythai super event with 15 bouts on the card and 4 of them for prestigious World Muaythai Council belts. The event was sanctioned by the UAE Muaythai Federation and certainly IFMA, the world governing body and the WMC.

Athletes from 20 countries participated in the event showcasing that events are possible again taking into consideration the restrictions and ensuring the well-being of the athletes, officials and everyone involved in this event.

Many VIPs from the sporting sector participated in the event. The IOC Vice President, HE Ng Ser Miang, the GAISF Vice President, AIMS President and IFMA Secretary General, Stephan Fox, HE Abdullah Saeed Amer Al Neyadi President of the UAE Muaythai Federation, the Ambassador of Thailand to UAE, HE Waravuth Pouapina, Chief of Protocol, Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Chairman of the Higher Committee HE Mohamad Abdulla Al Junaibi, the President of the Asian and UAE Boxing Federation Mr. Anas Alotaiba and Assistant Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, Mr. Naser Aman Al Rahma.

The IOC Vice President HE Ng Ser Miang, was given a special IFMA belt by the IFMA Secretary General, Stephan Fox, the President of UAE Muaythai Federation HE Abdullah Saeed Amer Al Neyadi and the Ambassador of Thailand to UAE, HE Waravuth Pouapina showcasing the unique cooperation of all towards the common goals.

The event saw the best athletes from around the world from Pan America, Asia, Europe and from Africa going toe to toe for the most prestigious belts in the muaythai world, the World Muaythai Council belts and also to reserve their place in the upcoming World Games 2022 in Birmingham, USA.

The live telecasted event around the world shared optimism as the official restart of muaythai towards the World Games 2022 and also showcasing UAE as the center of muaythai in Asia under the leadership of HE Abdullah Saeed Amer Al Neyadi and Executive Director Tareq Mohamed Al Mehairi.

IFMA Secretary General thanked the athletes from all the 20 countries for participating in this event and certainly the IOC for acknowledging muaythai towards full recognition in the Olympic family and this is why the special belt was given to IOC Vice President His Excellency Ng Ser Miang.

The Ambassador of Thailand to UAE, HE Waravuth Pouapina stated that the Royal Thai Government is in full support of IFMA’s full recognition by the IOC and he thanked the IOC Vice President on behalf of Royal Thai Government and also thanked UAE for not only putting together this amazing event but also previous events like the IFMA Asian Championships and he is looking forward to much bigger events in the future.

HE Abdullah Saeed Amer Al Neyad stated that UAE is a proud member of IFMA and today history was made as it was the first big international event since the outbreak of the pandemic and just one month before the Olympic Games, IFMA wanted to showcase that big international events are possible and that IFMA stands in full support of all the athletes participating in Tokyo.

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