Saint Tropez Celebrates the Olympics.

The 4th August every year is an important day in the Muaythai calendar as it marks the Saint Tropez Fight Night. For the last 5 years every year the best athletes travel to Saint Tropez to this spectacular venue which is visited by many celebrities from around the world, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to name a few. It is a glamour event televised around the world in a spectacular setting.


This year was to celebrate the Olympic spirit and values as it was just before the opening of the Olympic games. The main event was not only to promote the Olympic games but also for Muaythai to continue the power of sport by making a positive change, therefore a title fight and a UN trophy were given to the female bout between the athlete from the host country of the 2016 Olympic games Brazil and the motherland of the sport Thailand. Taehiran Chommanee from Thailand (Winner of Muaythai Angels and IFMA gold medalist) and Taina Duarta from Brazil in the 57.2kg category put on a fantastic fight display with both athletes receiving a standing ovation at the end showing that male and female athletes in the sport are equally as important.



It was Chommanee who won the decision on points but regardless both athletes are winners for being part of such a historical event. For the next 3 weeks Rio de Janeiro will be the centre of the world for sport and Muaythai wishes all the athletes in Rio the best of luck and to have an unforgettable time.



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