Singdomthong: The New Featherweight World Champion

Singdomthong Nokjeanladkrabang became the new WMC featherweight world champion on Saturday with a stunning victory over Israeli pugilist Ruach Gordon. The fight was a co-promotion between the WMC, Suek Jao MuayThai, and Silapathai Promotions which saw the duo battle it out with 2 belts on the line, namely the Omnoi title and the WMC world title belt.

This was also a defence fight for Ruach’s Omnoi title and was a great match-up with both fighters going tit for tat across five rounds. At the end of the bout, the scorecards were read out in favour of Singdomthing with Ruach just falling short at 47-48.

Thank you to all involved for a great collaboration and congratulations to the new champ!

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