Spanish Olympic Committee Celebrates 25 Years of FEKM in Madrid

A special gala took place to celebrate 25 years of Muaythai in Spain and the recognition of Muaythai by the International Olympic Committee. The event took place inside the most fitting location, the Spanish Olympic Committee in Madrid, and was opened by the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Mr. Alejandro Blanco. The President praised the work of the Federación Española de Kickboxing y Muaythai under Presidency of Mr. Jesus Eguia for promoting and fostering the Olympic Values.

A special welcome message came from the GAISF Vice President and President of United Through Sports, Mr. Stephan Fox, who congratulated the Spanish Muaythai Federation on their work in regards to gender equality, inclusion and non-discrimination. He thanked especially the Spanish Olympic Committee and certainly the President, Mr. Jesus Eguia and Vice President Gustavo Luna who is also an IFMA Executive Board Member. The IFMA Director General, Charissa Tynan, delivered a heartful speech congratulating the Spanish Federation on behalf of the 146 IFMA national federations in which Spain is a credible and respected member.

The President of the Spanish Federation, Mr. Jesus Eguia, welcomed proudly all the awardees and there were many VIPs in the audience from around the world. The Spanish Muaythai Federation is the sole recognized federation in Spain under the National Olympic Committee and the Sports Ministry for all aspects of Muaythai. Muaythai, which has been included in the European Games 2023, both as a cultural art form and a competition sport, is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe.

Vice president, Gustavo Luna, stated that Spain is extremely proud to be part of the World Games in Birmingham, USA, and that the next 12 months will be filled with opportunity for the athletes with the upcoming IFMA events such as the World Championships in Abu Dhabi, the Youth World Championships in Malaysia, the world games in Birmingham and the list goes on.

IFMA would like to congratulate our Spanish member federation, FEKM and the National Olympic Committee for hosting this momentous occasion for muaythai inside their grounds. We congratulate all the athletes, coaches and award winners in this special celebration of 25 years for Spanish Muaythai which is just the beginning!

Viva Espana!

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