The Challenger Battleground Press Conference

The Challenger: Muaythai Returns for a High-Stakes Season featuring Professional Male and Female Fighters from Across the Globe. After a critically acclaimed debut season that earned an International Emmy Award nomination, “The Challenger” is back with a new set of contestants and even higher stakes. This season, which premieres on 17 May on HBO GO and Discovery, the show will feature professional male and female fighters from across the globe, who go toe to toe to become the ultimate champion.
The reality competition series follows a group of 12 elite fighters as they train and compete in the sport of Muaythai under the guidance of world-class trainers and coaches. Each episode features intense training sessions, dramatic weigh-ins, and nail-biting fights as the contestants battle it out for a chance to prove themselves as the ultimate Muaythai champion.

But this season, the competition will be tougher than ever before. The contestants will be facing off against professional fighters from around the world, each with their own unique fighting style and experience. Viewers will be able to witness the true power of the human spirit as the fighters push themselves to their physical and mental limits in pursuit of the ultimate prize.
“The Challenger: Battleground” is more than just a competition show, it’s a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. The contestants will be pushed to their limits, and viewers will be able to witness their remarkable transformations as they strive to become the ultimate champion.

The 11-episode series will premiere on Discovery Channel across Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong on 17 May – with new episodes every Wednesday at 9:55pm SGT/ 8:55pm BKK, until July 26. At the same time, the show will also be available on-demand on HBO GO, Warner Bros. Discovery’s regional streaming service.
Riaz Mehta, the Creator of The Challenger Battleground said “The Challenger is not only a story about the fighters that battle against all odds to achieve their dreams but it is also the story of the human spirit where athletes that have survived cancer compete head to head against the best fighters on the planet. The show is riveting and inspiring at the same time.  The stories are so compelling that even if one is not a fight sport fan, you will not want to leave your seats for even a minute during the show”.
Lynn Ng, Head of Factual & Lifestyle Content in Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong at Warner Bros. Discovery, added: “This all-action title adds an extra shot of adrenaline to our line-up on Discovery Channel and HBO GO. Audiences will be gripped not just by the fight sequences, but also the twists and turns of the fighters involved – we fully expect this new season to pack a real punch.

Stephan Fox, President of AIMS is once again the Mentor on the show pushing the athletes to their limits to bring out their best. 
Mr. Stephan Fox said “Challenger Battleground is more than a competition. It showcases the dreams and hope, the sacrifices, the journey elite athletes travel to become the ultimate champion. It showcases Muaythai not only as one of the hardest combat sports, but also ancient traditions and long forgotten values.
The official press conference was attended by over 2000 elite athletes representing over 100 countries, all of them dreaming of entering the next season of The Challenger.

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