The Highest Honour Given to WMC Vice President

World renowned sports personality Stephan Fox needs no introduction in the world of sport. A former World Champion who transitioned through various roles including administration and where today, he is the President of AIMS the IOC recognised umbrella organisation for Non-Olympic recognised sports. Mr Fox is also Vice-President of GAISF, the world umbrella organisation for Olympic and Non-Olympic sports promoting the mission of one voice for all sport.

Stephan Fox has dedicated his life to sport from early childhood and has spent over 40 years being a dedicated martial artist promoting the benefits of sport.

Mr Fox has taught and lectured in more than 80 countries around the world on both the physical and psychological benefits of exercise and using sport as a tool towards social change and peace.

He has hosted over 100 television series and was the host of the Emmy-nominated reality show Challenger and the show, Contender. Stephan Fox is the driving force behind many social initiatives, where his strategy for success is by forming alliances to benefit children in need.

On the 30th of August 2019, Mr Fox received the highest recognition being awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Martial Arts, now a proud addition to the one he already received in Physical Education.

The Yong-In University gave this distinguished honour to Mr Fox for all his achievements and where the motto of the University perfectly aligns with his mission, to contribute to society by cultivating a strong sense of individual justice and morality. Mr Fox was presented the award by the President of the university, Dr. Park Sun-Kyoung and the Dean of Graduate School, Dr. Lee Keuneil in front of many leaders from the martial art world and the distinguished VIPs. The first to congratulate Mr Fox was the 8th Former Secretary General of United Nations, Mr Ban Ki Moon among many.

Mr Fox thanked the university and vowed to continue his journey in the world of martial arts to ensure a dedicated effort towards giving opportunity and building a stronger and better foundation for the next generation.

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