WMC Champion Buakaw wins Thai Fight 2011


The final battle for the 70KG division Thai Fight 2011 title between WMC champion Buakaw and Australia’s Challenger Muaythai contestant Franki Giorgi was a fight to be remembered.

Buakaw kicked off the first round with a round house left to Giorgi who started his game with a barrage of kicks and non-stop punches. Buakaw maintained his composure, attacking with a steady flow of left kicks making it very difficult for the Aussie to use his weapons.

In the second round Giorgi went in fast with non-stop punches which Buakaw immediately blocked, exchanging with some eye opening shin kicks. Buakaw was clearly stringer in the clinch, while Giorgi was a tough opponent, absorbing the punishment and getting in many hard punches before Buakaw delivered a tear jerking knee.

In the final round Giorgi went all in advancing on his opponent with a quick punch combination hoping to turn the game around only to be met with Buakaw’s jab and shin kick combinations that almost outclassed his opponent. Buakaw pulled back towards the end of the round, but didn’t disappoint the crowd, showing world class technique and beautiful elbow strikes, and carried on with his tried and tested left kicks to the final bell.

The decision was a clear one, and the judges gave the win to Buakaw crowning him Thai Fight 2011 champion in the 70 KG division.

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