WMC King’s Birthday Celebrations


The WMC and IFMA payed homage to His Majesty King Rama the 10th during his birthday celebrations by hosting a professional event comprising of two super 4 tournaments at the Sport Authority of Thailand in Ramkamhaeng. The EFN super 4 final to conclude the events throughout the year was held at 67kg and the female Super 4  WMC tournament was in the 57kg division.

Keng vs Lebanon

The first fight was between Keng Super Pro Samui from Thailand and Majd Rahmoun from Lebanon. Both athletes looked on top form when they entered the ring and wasted no time in getting to know each other. After 3 hard fought rounds it was Thailand that proceeded to the final.

China vs Brzail

The second bout of the evening saw Mo Yonghui from China and Brazilian athlete Victor Guiherme  battle it out for a place in the final. Unfortunately for the Chinese athlete it was not his night and the man from Brazil moved forward to the next round.

Keng vs Brzail

The final of the male super 4 began with a barrage of blows from each athlete and roars from the crowd every time a strike connected. The fight was very close with Keng just outscoring the Brazilian before being aptly decorated by the shiny EFN champion belt.


The first female fight of the evening was between Miriam Sabot from Italy and Yuly Yves from Brazil and what a war this was. Round 2 and 3 saw both athletes begin to open up with flurries of elbows, both going for gold. When the referee collected the score cards it was the Italian athlete Miriam who had secured her place in the final.


The second leg of this tournament saw Sweden’s Patricia Axling go head to head with Petthapee Krungthep Thonburi from Thailand. Following a beautiful and impressive Wai Khru from Petthapee it was assumed that the girl from Thailand would take the win easily but Patricia had other plans and picked her apart technically until the referee called it off in round 2. Two amazing athletes and a great performance.


The final of the female super 4 tournament was between Patrica Axling and Miriam Sabot. Both athletes showed extreme courage and determination and an unwillingness to step down which resulted in a stand off as both girls exchanged shots in what was the closest bout of the evening. At the end of the concluding round Patricia Axling  emerged the victor and was strapped with the shiny WMC super 4 tournament belt much to her delight.


The WMC would like to congratulate all athletes on their amazing performances, you are a credit to the sport.





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