WMC Superfight Rankings in Greece

WMC Pro Rankings Night will take place on Saturday, June 3rd at 18:30 at Sportcamp Loutraki.

The athletes continue to “climb” the Greek Rankings, gathering points from participation and victories in the WMC Pro Ranking Series, with the aim of conquering the Greek Title and the WMC (World Muaythai Council) zone, which will be awarded at the Official WMC Event of the year, in December 2023.

The WMC Pro Rankings at the Muaythai Open Training Camp 2023, include the following pairs of matches:

  1. Feather Weight 57,15 kg – Vasilis Katsigiannis vs Ildy Dervishi
  2. Light Weight 61,2 kg – Meklis Nikos vs Angelos Sardis
  3. Light Weight 61,2 kg – Alexiou Dimitrios vs Chalaris Georgios
  4. Welter Weight 66,68 kg – Vaggelis Vastardis vs Nikos Nikolaidis
  5. Welter Weight 66,68 kg – Chavelas Ioannis vs Ilias Deftereos
  6. Cruiser Weight 86,18 kg – Andreas Zacharakis vs Christopoulos Georgios

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