Andrei Kulebin Seminar, Hungary

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Saturday the 7th of September in Budapest, Hungary was a special day for many muaythai practitioners as they were treated to a seminar by none other than muaythai legend Andrei Kulebin.

The 2 times WMC world champion and multiple IFMA gold medalist Andrei Kulebin travelled to Hungary to transfer his knowledge and skills in a seminar conducted at the Rokko gym which was divided into 2 parts from 10am to 12 then 2pm to 4pm.

Andrei Kulebin will fight in the upcoming European Championships in his hometown of Minsk, Belarus but showed how much of a true sportsman he is by training with his potential opponent Kristóf Fabian who will also compete in the 71kg category.


Kulebin’s team mate Dzimitry Varats was beaten by Norbert Speth in the World Championships in Bangkok in the 67kg division but Kulebin and Norbert are good friends and laughed and joked during the seminar via a Skype conference call. Norbert is currently in Thailand training at PK Saenchai muaythai gym in Thailand ahead of the European championship in Minsk where he will no doubt meet Dzmitry Varats again.

IFMA Executive Board member Laszlos Szabo stated that in IFMA out of the ring we are friends and in the ring we are opponents not enemies. It was a pleasure to have Andrei here to share with us his wealth of knowledge and sharp techniques and we look forward to having him back again in the future.

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