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Ultra Elite Fighter II – Buenos Aires

April 9th, 2013

Last month in Buenos Aires, the first edition of Argentina's Ultra Elite Fighter was unleashed. The gala opening exuded glamourous, fine food and champagne mixed with elite fights in the ring, giving the people a reason to shout. The next sold-out edition of Ultra Elite Fighter will take place this Friday, April 12th, so  get ready Buenos Aires! Feature Fights: ANIBAL "EL TERRIBLE" CIANCIARUSO (MTA) VS MARCELO MENDIETA (FAKB) MICKAEL R0UXEL (MTA) VS MATIAS CHAVEZ (DOJO ARES ARGENTINA) GUSTAVO ORTIZ ...

Muaythai Bolivia VS Argentina

April 11th, 2013

April 20th, check out some major Muaythai between Bolivia and Argentina in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. The event will showcase some of the best of both countries. The night's main fights will be Bolivia's "Bloody" Gutierrez and Erick "The Lion" Vasquez against Argentina's own Sebastian "Beast" Calvo and Juan Allevato. It's a great occasion for Bolivian Muaythai, which will be able to highlight the level of its fighters.

WMC-IFMA South American Muaythai Championships

June 17th, 2011

The 20th South America Muaythai Championships were a complete success! More than 30 amateur fights took place, including athletes from 8 different countries, and 18 professional fights, saw the best boxers from South America confronting each other with remarkable skills. The event included a fabulous A-1 Super 8 on 67 KG weight category. It was a complete day of pure muaythai. The show of laser and lights painted the night with extreme emotions for more than 1500 ...

WMC-IFMA South American Muaythai Championships

May 6th, 2011

The Argentinian Muaythai Federation will host the WMC-IFMA South American Muaythai Championships where the best South American amateur and professional fighters will meet for this prestigious event. IFMA National Federations from Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela will send full National Teams to this event. There will be also a special WMC super 8 in the 67 KG division where the best 8 fighters will compete for pride and honour. This event shows the ...


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