WMC Champions – Female Power with Caley Reece

This week’s edition of WMC Champions features the stunning two time WMC World champion Caley Reece, a woman who has truly has earned her spot among the sport’s elite.

Caley has been part of the WMC/IFMA for many years winning a medal at the 2010 SportAccord World Combat Games and twice winning the WMC world title.

She has risen to become a media celebrity in Australia and has gained well deserved recognition for being the first Muaythai woman to grace the cover of IK Magazine (July  2012 Edition) which celebrated its 20th anniversary last month.

Caley Photo


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2 Responses to “WMC Champions – Female Power with Caley Reece”

  1. Budostock says:

    It’s quite rare to have women that practice muaythai. I’ve read she’s really good !

    • WMC Mod says:

      Luckily it’s not so rare nowadays, and thank to examples like Caley, there are more and more women in Muaythai. She’s an excellent fighter!

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