WMC Female European Showdown in Finland

It was six months in planning, in order to get some of Europe’s best female fighters into one Fight Night, organised by Chitalada, sanctioned by the Finnish Muaythai Association and WMC, and the amateur fights sanctioned by IFMA.

For the female WMC Scandinavian title, two of Scandinavia’s best, Anna Willberg from Finland and Lina Länsberg from Sweden, gave a fantastic display of Muaythai, with Lina taking the victory in a split point decision.

There were two female WMC European titles on the line, and the first European title fight of the night was between Finnish Heli Salapuro and Portuguese Arianna Santos. Once again, both fighters gave world class performances, but in the end it was Portugal which won the belt, taken by Arianna in a split point decision.

The second WMC European title was between Finland’s Marjo Rautanen and Hungary’s Anett Urban. The house was on fire as Marjo ensured a victory for her homeland, winning the title.
The WMC Super Fight saw IFMA World Champion Milja Heino from Finland, defeating her opponent, Sofia Olofsson from Sweden, in a unanimous decision.

The boys in this event were mostly on the undercard, and all the results are as follows:
1. Joni Huuska, Chitalada, Finland VS Hussein Ibrahim,Slagskeppet, Sweden, -63,5KG : 3-0
2. Jussi Kuitunen, Chitalada, Finland VS Viktor Rudholm, Slagskeppet, Sweden, -67 KG: 3-0
3. Mari Hiltunen, Chitalada, Finland VS Filiz Demirbek,Slagskeppet, Sweden, , -60KG: 3-0
4. Jukka Kyynäräinen, Chitalada, FinlandVS Jari Ollonen, HTBC, Finland -67KG: Winner Kyynäräinen
Janne Ollonen,Chitalada, Finland VS Rickardo Gonzales, Stockholm Muaythai, Sweden: 3-0

It was another great promotion for Muaythai, full congratulations to the organizers.

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  1. Hello,
    Here at Mauritius Island we are very happy and proud of what IFMA and WMC are doing to promote female Muay Thai. Keep it up hoping that next time Mauritius could come join this action.

    Kind Regards,

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