12. Timekeeper and Announcer

12.1. The timekeeper and the announcer must sit beside the ring at designated seats.

12.2. Timekeeper’s duties:

12.2.1. To monitor the number of rounds and competing time for each round, resting interval time between rounds, and time of time-outs.

12.2.2. To signal for the beginning and the ending of each round by striking the bell.

12.2.3. To signal five (5) seconds before the beginning of each round for the ring to be cleared.

12.2.4. To deduct the time of interruptions or the time stopped by referee order from the total round time.

12.2.5. To monitor for the correct time with a stopwatch or a clock throughout the entire duration of the fight.

12.2.6. The timekeeper shall not give the bell signal while the referee is counting, despite the round time expiration. The timekeeper shall strike the bell when the referee orders “ชก” (CHOK) or “fight”.

12.3. Announcer’s duties:

12.3.1. To announce names, boxing camps or nations, corners, and weights of both boxers to the spectators, when boxers enter the ring.

12.3.2. To announce that the seconds have to leave the ring when they hear the warning signal from the timekeeper.

12.3.3. To announce the beginning and ending of each round.

12.3.4. To announce the verdict of the contest and identify the winner.

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