WMC International Board Members

A unification took place on the 27th of July 2019 witnessed by the SAT the International Olympic Committee to unify IFMA (International federation of Muaythai Amateur) and World Muaythai Council.

In Thailand the WMC will stay independent. While in all other countries, IFMA and WMC member countries the national federations are responsible for all aspects of Muaythai as combat sport from grassroot to elite level and the cultural aspects, Wai Kru, Mae Muay and all other disciplines.

The WMC will be part of IFMA and the new name is the International Federation of Muaythai Associations with the world Muaythai council in Thai letters part of the logo.

An international supporting WMC board will be established but the ultimate decision outside of Thailand is within the IFMA executive board. While the WMC will have 1 guaranteed Vice President and board member in the IFMA executive Board.

The aim is also to unify Muaythai in the kingdom of Thailand. As of present there are two national federations namely AMTAT and PAT. The next step is to sign an MoU between AMTAT PAT and IFMA.

The international supporting IFMA board are as follows:

WMC Continental Presidents:

Mr. Stephan Fox

H.E. Abdullah Al Neyadi

Mr. Driss El Hilali

Sue Glassey

Elisa Salinas

Commission Chairs:

Chair of Legal, Mervyn Tan, Singapore

Chair of Medical, Dr. Erdogan Aydin, Turkey

Chair of Athletes, Janice Lyn, Canada

Chair of Ranking, Kasra Ashami, Sweden

Chair of Technical, Aj. Thanong Poompanich, Thailand

Office Director:

Andrew Scott, UK

Charissa Tynan, Lausanne

Board members:

HRH Prince Fahad bin Mansour bin Saad bin Saud Al Saud, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Detlef Turnau, Germany

Nadir Allouache, France

Farhad Amankulov, Kazakhstan

Dato Shahnaz Azmi, Malaysia

Sham Seetaram, Mauritius

Petr Ottich, Czech Republic

Lim Chang Jin, Korea

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