SECTION 2 – Female Competitions

Rules and regulations for women’s muaythai competition will mainly follow the muaythai competition rules and regulations for men described in Section 1, with the exception of the following adapted supplements:

21. Attire

21.1. Female boxers must wear the same attire as male boxers with the addition of sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts.

21.2. Female boxers must neatly tie their hair, without tangling ends, which can interfere in the contest. Hair accessories may be rubber or made of elastic cloth. Bands should be of a suitable size and should not contain metal or hard plastic parts.

21.3. Female boxers must wear a breast (chest) protector, an abdomen (groin) protector. The boxer may use her personal protectors or those provided by the stadium manager, as long as they are approved by the WMC Executive Board.

22. Weigh-in

22.1. Female boxers must weigh-in wearing clothes of no altering effect upon the boxer’s weight.

22.2. Weigh-in officials must be female and the weigh-in room must be a completely covered room or a completely curtained area.

23. Rounds

23.1. For female competition, the bouts must consist of five (5) rounds of three (3) minutes each, with a resting interval of two (2) minutes between rounds.

24. Gender Identification

24.1. Female boxers must be feminine gender by birth only. Gender examination may be conducted if required by the medical check-up doctor.

25. Referee and Judges

25.1. Referee and judges in female competitions must be female. In exceptional cases only the referee and judges may be male.

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