SECTION 3 – Competitions for Under 15-Full Years Old

Rules and regulations for muaythai competition for boxers under the full age of 15 years old will mainly follow the muaythai competition rules and regulations for adults described in Section 1, with the exception of the following adapted supplements:

26. Gloves

26.1. Glove sizes for competitions for boxers under the full age of 15 years old must be as follows:

  • Boxers between Paper Weight and Pin Weight divisions (see Rule 27.1) must use gloves of six (6) ounces (132 grams).
  • Boxers between Mini Flyweight and Featherweight divisions must use gloves of eight (8) ounces (227 grams)
  • Boxers between Super Featherweight and over divisions must use gloves of ten (10) ounces (284 grams).

27. Weight Divisions and Weigh-in.

27.1. Boxers under the full age of 15 years old follow the same weight division as adult fighters, with the addition of three extra divisions:

Paper Weight 90 40.91
Cork Weight 95 43.18
Pin Weight 100 45.45


28. Rounds

28.1. For competitions with boxers under the full age of 15 years old,, bouts must consist of three (3) or five (5) rounds of two (2) minutes each, with a resting interval of two (2) minutes between rounds.

29. Other Cases

29.1. In the exceptional case that a boxer under the age of 15 full years old participates in a competition against a boxer whose full age is 15 years old, the rules and regulations for competition for under 15 full years old boxers shall be applied.

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