Age Does Not Matter

Ping Ki Wong is one of the top technical officials of IFMA but also a stern supporter of the IFMA and WMC ‘Sport is your Gang’ and ‘Muaythai Against Drugs (MAD)’ campaign. 52 years young, he decided to raise money for charity and fought for the prestigious WMC MaD Belt in a special match verses David Kwon at the WMC ‘The One Legend’ event in Hong Kong.

Stepping in the ring once again was done for many reasons. First of all to show the younger generation that if you live a healthy lifestyle, that age becomes only a number; and secondly to also encourage the younger generation to support the anti-drug campaign and that illegal drugs have no place in life and sport.

Winning the fight, he said that it was fantastic to step back in the ring again with the support of everyone, and raising awareness. Now it’s time to go back again and hang up the gloves, if you will, and return to fostering and promoting the sport both as a coach and as a WMC and IFMA official. He also plans to continue his involvement in helping to make a difference in the sport.

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