AMTAT Executive Board Meeting

AMTAT is the sole recognised Muaythai federation in Thailand recognised by the National Olympic Committee and the Sports Authority of Thailand to send the official national team abroad and organise the Muaythai World Championships in the Kingdom.

Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan, the President of AMTAT welcomed all delegates to the AMTAT quarters inside the Sports Authority of Thailand giving them a detailed briefing on the many upcoming events such as the SEA Games, the IFMA World Championships in Abu Dhabi, the Youth World Championships in Malaysia, the World Games in Birmingham and the list goes on.

The President stated that Thailand is proud that muaythai has become an official recognised sport under the IOC and that we must continue to follow IFMA’s youth regulations, anti-doping, youth safeguarding, inclusion and equality.

Vice President General Hemarat stated that 2022 will be a big year for Muaythai and Thailand is proud to send the official national team to all the international events and also that Wai Khru and Mae Muaythai are full medal sports and thanked IFMA for enhancing muaythai as a cultural art form.

IFMA Executive Board member, Mr. Kajorn Prowsri stated that AMTAT is one of the founding members of IFMA and the long journey has been fruitful and Thailand as the motherland is rightfully proud.

One of the agenda points was also a request from IFMA for an AMTAT statement in regards to WBC Muaythai and AMTAT clarified that they are not in way shape or form affiliated to WBC and no official team from the Kingdom can and will participate in any of these unrecognised WBC events.

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